20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (2024)

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20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (1)

I've had a few emails over the past couple of months asking for packed lunch ideas, particularly for recipes that require no heating and can be eaten cold.

So I've put together a list of 20 of the best vegan lunchbox-friendly recipes I've found (and don't worry, they're not all salads...)

All of these recipes are meat-free, dairy-free and eggless. They can all be eaten cold or at room temperature and are perfect for work lunches, picnics and outings!

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (2)

Roast Vegetable Quinoa Salad

Quinoa dotted with finely chopped roasted vegetables. Great on it's own or with extras like baked tofu.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (3)

Photo Credit:mygoodnesskitchen.com

Sabich | Israeli Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich looks so rich and flavourful, perfect for an exciting lunchbox meal.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (4)

Photo Credit:vanillaandbean.com

Smashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich

This sandwich makes a great replacement for tuna salad sandwiches, as the chickpeas offer a familiar texture.

How gorgeous does this tart look? It's great eaten hot or cold, making it a great option for a work lunch.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (6)

I love making this recipe for dinner and then having the cold leftovers for the next day's packed lunch. It works really well as a noodle salad!

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (8)

Photo Credit:feastingonfruit.com

Sushi in a Jar

Meals in jars are a great option for packed lunches and I love this creative idea of vegan Sushi in a jar. Looks so fresh and healthy.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (9)

Photo Credit:www.veggieinspired.com

Quick and Easy White Bean Salad Pitas

I love pita pockets and this white bean salad looks like the most delicious filling idea, for when you're bored of just hummus and falafel.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (10)

Photo Credit:www.tinnedtomatoes.com

Chickpea and Vegetable Picnic Hand Pies

Another excellent picnic option are these vegetable hand pies which are very portable and delicious satiating!

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (11)

Photo Credit:thevegan8.com

Southwest Lime Corn Salad

Bean salad it a classic lunchbox go-to for me, it really helps fill you up and is such a versatile base to mix-and-match with.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (12)

Photo Credit:www.vnutritionandwellness.com

Vegan Ranch Pasta Salad

Carb-lovers will enjoy this pasta salad, for a comforting lunchbox meal.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (13)

Mediterranean Hummus Tart (Vegan)

A super simple to make tart, filled with delicious Mediterranean flavours. Makes 1 large or 2 small tarts. These are delicious eaten cold/room temperature.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (14)

Photo Credit:www.forkandbeans.com

Lunchbox Black Bean Quinoa Salad

A tasty and nutritious salad, packed with protein to keep you fuller for longer.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (15)

Photo Credit:cadryskitchen.com

Vegan egg salad sandwiches

If you're missing egg salad sandwiches, this recipe will cure your cravings AND it's a super easy-to-prepare lunch.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (16)

Photo Credit:www.kitchentreaty.com

Tabbouleh Hummus Mason Jar Salads

Mason jars are so compact and portable, making them a great vessel for lunches on the go.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (17)

One of my favourite salads, especially for the Autumn and Winter months. The dressing is so moreish.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (18)

Photo Credit:thestingyvegan.com

Raw Vegan Noodles Salad

A fresh, healthy noodle salad, bursting with flavour. A wonderful Summer option for a packed lunch.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (19)

Photo Credit:veganheaven.org

Tofu and Kale Pesto Sandwich

Another sandwich filling option for when you fancy something different and full of flavour.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (20)

Photo Credit:www.landsandflavors.com

Vegan Onigiri, Six Ways

If you enjoy being more artistic with your food, you'll love this Onigri recipe, for a beautiful lunchbox meal.

20 Vegan Packed Lunch Recipes (21)

BBQ 'Shroom Buns

These mushroom buns are so incredibly flavourful. This filling also works well in a wrap.

More Vegan Lunchbox Recipes

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  • Vegan BBQ Mushroom Buns

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