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THE SUNDAY SCHOOL I TerribrQ Portrait i Car Nickolas'll of Russia Described iippus Author bfr'rie Tsar i WApramfoij Rev Kobert Collyer jch a rot ft a 1 Clown Thankless Lot sit in the ijE 4 and 3901 able Main Sts 'l at i UNNEIGHBORLY jins I ms sv 5 ft t'' '2t frxormxn man do the work of many for this purpose are tb is lie iiU 1 1 a locomotive a sewing ma' first condition true that the away at first OW STANDARD TIME ISLMAINTAI MODERN WATCH VYUKiw The rench government Intends to make exper hnentjcin Jit's cdT onv inthe' cultivation of a wild coffee tl tree aiscovereu ny me explorer TheCongo dwarfs never reach a 'greater age'tlian years Short Meter Sermons Kindness makes kin aith gives fiber to life Blessed are the buoyant lives The selfish cannot be sanctified Purity does not rest on a plebiscite It takes more than a syllogism to save men Hot air is always succeeded by a cold wave Deeper science is the cure for scien tific doubt There are a lot of people who would rather gather to thistles than to figs ma be fnstem which things and warning and Here is a ca son are alike The father a mln Ing on his imagination time out of uiiuu lor maner ror What Brings Hope It is necessary to distinguish care fully between submission to the will of God and to an Inevitable fate The one brings hope but the other despair rresnyterian rrecoru The most careful chemical ariajjyses have demonstrated rice possesses more nutriment than wheat oats or barley i a3tatlstlcs (published In Spain state that during 1904 nearly 12000 bulls were killed In bull fights 0 waWMS1 Gave HIS Life for Bride A young Vansevern was married a short time ago on his death bed at Courtral Belgium He had tasked his 1 consent to marry and when it was withheld there was a violent quarrel during which the father seized a gun and fired it athls son mortally wounding him fWhen( Vansevern was Informed that his con ditionwas hopeless) he again asked his consent to his marriage and the ceremony took place in hfc bedroom When it concluded the bride fainted an da few minutes later the bridegroom died ut what omed to Turning the Violet Green Now that violeKs are here and pan sles not far in theirwake let us forget to mak a fewgreen ones just fop funJPour 'llttleakpmonla into a tumbler suspend a bitpf mosquito netting above it lay theflowers in Ansactor gets his part in a play It Is his work to do that part to his ability A playwright makes the part for him The clown a i 4 ft ft ft4 1 nnwWAV Wr1YlT Ana Dio rKau uaiuui it ftl If vm ft ft SV fnrA 1'M 1 I Mint fLlLUl tor H6 nas io ue au aviuuai ciap His stunt may be to chase a fellow clown about ring or it 1 ti 9 1UUVU Uk MAO One element which has probably contributed much to the success of the Japanese in this war is that of secrecy avers theNew York Tribune They have to an exceptional degree kept their own and to an entirely unprecedented degree have imposed silence upon the purveyors and publishers of hews This' has been exasperating to the correspond ents who have seen or learned of great doings without being able tosend home a line of It has not been pleasing to the newspapers which have desired to chronicle promptly every 'move in the great game It has not been satisfactory to the public which been eager to learn all about one of the greatest wars of modern But it has probably been highly effective in mis leading the Russians and 4 in promot ing the strategy of Japanese forces on land and sea 'Thou Art My A touching incident was narrated by Dr Horton on the second Sunday after his return from months of treat ment by a celebrated German0 oculist He was waiting in the con sulting room not knowing whether or not the remainder of his life was to be passed in darkness when he put hishand into his pocket and out little not to read it but to see if he could As he opened it his eyes fell on the text: Thou are 'my lamp (J Lord1 and the Lord will i lighten my dark had not been aware of jibe very existence of this he said I do not know who but an angel could have led me to it but I felt that whether received my sight or not those words were ienough for me and from that time I seemed to know that I should continue to proclaim the words of this blessed Ought to Stay DeacL A physician in St Louis by lion of salt inf used into the veins of a woman who was supposed to be dead so revived her that she is "now be be on tlie Jilgh road Yo recov ery? This was alb rigfif dnthe case'of $his good woman but there should be some restrictions placed on such physicians? There are some people should be allowed to stay dead when they Mobile i ltpjoa Duty Above Iilfe Life is a 'matter of vefy small ac count to any one in comparison with duty doing whether a man realizes this truth or not Whatever is worth living for is worth dying for if dying be an incident to its pursuing When the Roman General? Pompey? warned against the of his re turning from Egypt to Italy to meet a new trouble in his own land his heroic answer was: is a small mat ter that I should move forward and die It is too great a matter that I should take step backward and Life is never well lived when it is held dearer than duty He who would tell a lie in order to live is will ing to pay a great deal larger price for his life than that life is worth to hlm to Trumbull Right That Bring Duties By President Hadley of Yale difficulty of keeping our standards of business and of politics told his wife what time he would re turn that night Usually he returned at 6 hence the six short tobts If it was 5 there were five toots and so on 'Herald there 'were lots of engi neers and firemen' who 5 could talk with the whistle by means of signal codes of their own devising He said' there were even some men who usings the telegraphic code of shorts and longs a toot for a tick could say any thing the pen Of tongue could Ph'iladelphiaBulletin A Night Shift Bee The old joke about the 'jfian crossed his bees with lightning' bugs that they might see to work at night appears to have been realized in India where an unusually large species gath er honey only in the night time There are many night blooming fflowersjiln thatfeountry) ahd this hee apparently finds no difficulty in gath ering his store for it is recorded that the combs frequently reach a height of six feet It is not stated that the honey is of food value and itft use for human con EumptloU is to ne questioned since" many ofhe night flowering plants possess strongly narcotic properties i 4' Warning to Guests t' This notice greets one in a hotel 5 opened by who has just the English language: who come in this hotel not Say anything about their meals they will for and if they should say beforehand that 'they going out' to breakfast or dinner andif they say they not have anything to eat they will be charged or unless they jbringit to' the notice of the manager And no fuss will be al lowed afterward about it and nothing will be allowed to deduct anything put of English and American Gazette Paris HEBALDI0 KEY peculiar for theif double surmount 3 ed with a crownn' great demand among collectors Their reputation greatly due no doubt to the position of the worker pales beforgthat of the toaster who executed the heraldic chef want to rush'aneinr aT a pucwhlcn will leave them learned but invalids hold them back a true education is not a long fever Here and there a5 child may need to be urged on aHittle' but I frankly confess that under the high pressure of our public schoolsll would take the little plots to stay away a day from school when they have been hard at work for days I like to plot with thenrtheir success pleases'me more than thelt failure In the culture 'of 'the heart? also we must lead on softly I can no more be lieve that bard and cruel thoughts of God will be good for my children than I can believe ItT hard and cruel words and bWwKTadffTTihV6 hcrd5ai)t there are njore so called Infidels made and confirmed to that end by fathers who they were doing service than there are of any other type Such thoughts may be but theologytgthe father but they are very ofteil hard real biting torment to the tender child rlt shuts out Heaven and opens lhell to blm'fit'ds cruebas the hissing and biting of serpents to some delicate small souls I suffered more agony at one time in my childhood when a re vivalist got hold of me and made me believe I might wake upjn hell when I laid'my poor little head pn the pillow 4 than from any other "thing that ever struck me There lies the way to do a rfntaljnscfiiefQh9 way thejseedsThf inj "udellty are sown in many a noble na ture It is simply the revolt jit the re sistSnce Jo find the rejeCtloh of a God their nature is too large and sweet and tender to toiefate? If in these yearly is? no day fetar of a lovelier light no dawning for the small bright soul of a better £ay hen there may bo no chanceTor that sou! fo pass into the kingdom until it has passed out of the jWoHd 3 jrt 1 I 1 quote the Scripture: up a child in the way he should wemust still take heed to bur ways lest we think more of the Scripture than we thlnk of thq fix ouejnind and purpose ofittbe other rather 'than the hither end of the way and train him for what be should be at forty rather than what he must be in childhood and youth We must answer for what is wrltten dn the book of the life of our children? must lay the gentle purpose to my heart: phildren are tender I will lead on for these in my care who also have the long hard journey before them? 1 If this is true of the shadow how true it must be of the light If ours is hard and poor lot no man or woman father or mother need ever fear the children windfall to look back ward to the early years wlth extender love if by all the means' in our power we make good for them the purpose I think Indeed our love for the old home is very often deepest and purest in those? who have had to face the hardest times if we have fought through them in this bright good way and led the children on softly There were homes in this country fifty sixty seventy years ago bare of all things save this one they are the dear est places on the earth to day in mem ory of men and women who have every thing now the heart can desire And when we have done this what better can we do than put the whole wealth of our endeavor in trust into the hands of God: ALLY is th a hRf nf molraa hia nwn nart and ROCS OU and RCtS It than that of the actbr He has to be an acrobat 411 ZXft ft 1 till iUHCU 1ULU VMV AAA MVKUV ft Koll ootyio nil hv himSPlf may De to imitate a ruvsiei ui jft nncn value to a circus and sonsequently the size of his salary will depend upon his versatility and his ingenuity in new parts mnn ninv or the general run of clowns there is no fixed salary scale A man may make $20 a week and he may make $100 or more man be aclown unless he is bom to it and if he is born to it he will be paid accordingly? It is not uncommon to find a clown of twenty perience arid when one such is found he is sure to be areal artist of a clown He begins the work because he likes it and he stays with it bcause it is his profession day8a'clown did not need to rbe anything but a clown A fewof them came out into the ring leaped over each other or batted each other over the head with a rubber bag at the end of a stick Now that is all changed The clowns all have their stunts except the who are allowed toay the Entire companies of them appear in the ring at the same time and nut on burlesques of no inconsequential importance It is usually the the young fellow who Tuns awyro and travels with the circus just because he likes the glamour of the Hfe the sights of the rings and the smell of the sawdust who becomes the clown Men go into it as a general rule deliberately as they choose a profession If a circus manager sees a youngster about the show whose appearance suggests that he would make a good clown he is apt to be given a tryout If the young ster makes good in his debut and it is just as apparent that he makes good or as it is on a stage? he becomes a clown Hispay may be 20 start with or it may be more? ew clowns are paid less than this figure His position will be good just so long as he does his work regular and stays good If he loses interest in his work it is instantly discernible and then the clown Joses his job or braces 'up quickly There is no fututre for the average clown A few have graduated from the clown's costume to the position of ring masters or even circus managers and owners but most of them have not There is no living on a reputation made in the past in the clowns job for his name does not appear on the bills and the public knows him only through Ke toTdoes in the arena A few clowns have died rich Most of them Chicago rnoune r' Talking Locomotives short' Xwtsare'yseat forth by thp locomotive every morning train passes said a subur the yester day toots meant arid? he me aconversation he waT holding with jhiswlfe 'He said he lived at Cynwyd in a cottage near the railroadAnd each' missionary down the River in Mongolia' jays h6 passed 7ttirty one nprag in one(uay kand I ih The Russian fleet has at lastvearn the difference between real JaTa nese and'D'bgger Ban trawlers says the New York Tribune Mavnr of Philadelphia is tlon by blowing outheasSi "the New York Journal 3 The number of timber sleepers on miiwavn nf rtio world is calcu li at edto be about 51494000000 and their value is estimated at about $700000000 'This item makes a 'serious drain on the'itlmber It" was a mean' man who1 framed' that new marriage certificate uiaw thinks the Los Arigeles 'Express? He insists the young swear that they are not crazy INTERNATIONAL LESSONj COMMENTSj Subject Sennacherib Invasion II Chroa xull 9 Golden Text II Chron xxxli Mamery Varaoa 19 21' Commentary Leacon 1 defiant messages (vs 9 19)? 9 After re ceiving the present from Hezekiah (2 Kings 18: 14 16) The son and successor of SargoniSHe saysj he built towers around Jerusalem shut' Hezekla irTn This was'a great and pow erful country lying on the Tigris Its bohndaries differed greatly at different periods his See 2 Kings 18: 17 Tartan 01 generalj the rabsoris the chief qf the eunichs and the rab shakeh the chief cup bearer these being offices which their names imply with a great hbst None of these are proper names Tartan was the ordinary title of an Assyrian general 1 They were to demand the uu conditional surrender of the king and capital Sennacherib was encamped beforeLachlsh thirty miles southwest of Jerusalem seated in state rom this proud position hesenta large detachment t( Jerfisale 'They took their 'positioif oh the north qf the city on a spot long after wards known as the scamp of 'the Assy rians Hezekiah feared to appear or perhaps careful of hip dignity he sent officers of bls court who were nearer the rank of those sent In bls place cameEllakim now chiefs minister? Shebna now in theoffice of secretary and Joab the royal historian hlsj jAll his army I do ye Liter ally are ye trusting and sit ting in iu al liance with Egypt arch en eiuy aujx rtuervuue jh iwrr mnuc iu tn in 11 riinth nor HPTPKiflii ekiadi is abused most vilely and over whelmed with scorn and insult 12 before one Rali sba keh was not familiar with the Jewish and he naturally supposed that the destruction of so many altars would incur the displeasure of the gods but the reason he gave to prove that Judah was weak was the very rear son why God was with them to make them strong 13 15 ye etc This boast was natural The As syrians had had an uninterrupted ca reer of success and might well belleve that their gods were more powerful than those of thejiations around them They had uttferlyf run and de stroyed the kindred tribes of Galilee Gilead and Samaria They bad for years exercised lordship ovor Judea and the very king who now defied them bad purchased his by thes payment of a heavy fine 16 the Hezekiah treated blasphemous speech as he ought refers the matter to Jehovah also A little another insulting message in the of (R margin) was The king took the letter and at went again to the house of the He spread out the letter before The Names of lowers Who could guess that the dande lion was the de or tooth the tulip so called because it looks jike a turban and tulip was an other" turban? The beauti ful gladlolus ls a sword lily in Latin means Tittle It is so called from the shape of its The 'asphodel Greek word meaning spear name daffodil' comes from as phodel' and so means the same thing columbine geranium and lark spur we think of Together because theyare all named after birds rthei dove the crane aridv the lark? Thd meaning of geranium is Jf you notice the seed pods of a geranium you will see that they do look like the Jong' bill of a crane The touch me not gets its name from a peculiarity "of thefseeipod too but of appefirance Tt ifi 'the pod you must1 not for i ypudo It will burst1 Nicholas' 7 later form sent once Lord the Lord and poured out his soul Un earnest prayer (2 Kings 19: 14 9: Isa? 37: 14 20) 18 loud Air al lusion is here made to what occurred (2 Kings 18: 28 35) before Sennacherib wrote his letter The Hebrew language The Syrian lan guage was not understood by the com mon people a ffrigh was a day of great suspense Alreadythere was a rumor thatf tbe king ofc 'Egypt was on his waytbHhe Senacherib had heard The rumor and Jtnvas'tbls which causefi fhim to eVery effort to intimidate flrnsa lem into submission 19 etc They saw no difference between tbeJehotah if the Jews and the gods of the other nations II Hezekiah hud Isaiah call on the Lord (v 20) i 20? King Hezekiah rent his' clothes and put bn sackcloth and went to the house of God while hfe messengers sought out the prophet Isaiah to know what to do The prayer expressed the deepest need the highest faith the utmost' earnest ness the wisest plea the highest mo tive It was united' prayer a prayer meeting Isaiah jqlned with Hezekiah But they not only prayed they worked The king built walls and towers and prepared arms ipnd shields and encour aged the people to be strong and cour ageous and not to be afraid of the As syrian king there be more with us than with (vs 6 7) Illk The Lord1 destroys the Assy rians (v 2t)j14 21 The word angel means mes and may be ap plied to any messenger sent from God whoever or wbatevei that toay? bel Thus in Psa104b4 the winds arelald to be His angels' or messengers? tThfi use of the 'word here doesnot determine the manner in'which'the de struction was accomplished It may have been a storm a pestilence or flood It is generally understood to have beefi the simoon In one night messenger smote 185 000 men (2 Kings 19: This gives some idea of the immense size of Sen army The king and a few others were preserved Nineveh he was Just how long atiine elapsed between this calamity and Sen death we do not know but it was probably about twenty years He records other campaigns but he never again came to Palestine "Slew hlm melech and Sbarezer his sons smote him with the sword and they es (2 Kings 19: 37) IV Hezekian is exalted (vs 22 23) These verses tell us that God not only saved His people from the hands of Sennacherib but from all and them ou every Many' presents brought to and ho was exalted in the sight of all I a 1 4 4 ii on mem wan jcsus couia bearing the arms of the Strozzi family recently bought for a wealthy connoisseur at tbe hugfi price of iffpei JQWEROE L1A0YANU J' what is said to be "the okfest on the Llao Peninsula It was built about 1400 years ago and has witnessed a good deal of Oriental history While the great Battle of Llaoyaug was go NOTES AND COMMENTS The Census Bureau rules women must A lhelr4Sge11f enumerators Called the Senseless Bfireathe New YorgHei Ing Jg peed Iover Brooklyn The Rev Robert ollyer the oldest Unitarian pastor tSiin Greater New York preached in the TTt4ft win ft and Congress streets Sunday morning plast appearance in that church1 wqs last fall when he delivered au addresston the late Rev Dr John White Chad wick the former pastor who had just The eloquent preacher took for his text: Genesis WKj children are tender I will lead oh soft Af irst dlass in arithmetic If Chi cago should own its street car linesand the truck drivers' should own Chi cago how long before tle entire popu lation would leave town asKsweYork Mall Instead of being a stench' and scandal? Philadelphia bids fair take her rightful place among American cities has already got her deep channel to that breezy and wholesome sea of public approbation declares the Philadelphia Record An Englishman in Canada writes home in considerable excitement as follows: majority of' Canadians never read an English paper of any kind whatever all their literature is American All the shops are filled with American hooks American reviews American papers And with what' result? There can be only one result Canadians wli think The British Postmaster General that it is not at posed to Introduce the cash on denv ery system in the United Kingdom says the Manchester Guardian but the question of Introducing it tween England and the British col onies and possessions and Egypt is under consideration A part of the world where a great demand for labor saving farm ma chinery is expected soon to develop 1 Argentina where out of about 120 000000 acres of land available for cu tivatlon Tess than 25000000 acres are now utilized for agricultural Owing to natural conditions it is be iiiot can never be come a great5 manufacturing country By Jiggs Arnold is tho funniest thing in the world to tne people wnu reserved seats and laugh at the antics of the orty unny ellows but to the clowns it is a different matter quite different They their llvinn clowning It is their trade or rather for the good clown comes perilously near to being an artist' their pro fession SECTIONAL VIEW THROUGH TOE CLOCKROOiLbuilding'3 thV clocks from hjsturbtoinfluces UhatvYpuiacatrse' variations in uiepime precluded by tbe doublevall? and ceiling frtrich airtspaceJbetween yibrationsarejjavoided heavymafcnry'piers'builf 6ha bed sfinS CTlie paiof rfocjs In tronf Ire the master clocks which byjelectrijcalconnectibus glvbj out the works The siderial clock to the rear which checked twic( eriehweek by observing the transit of the stars serves as standard othe A mni'InnYi WOrKS ovwuwuv OLD KEYS WORTH $7000 It may' not be generally known that there are many key collectors in this big world of curio hunters Some of the keys of bygone ages are veritable triumphs of the locksmiths art In Rome the presentation of a bunch of fcfiys to the bride as crossed his threshold'to invesf her with the authority of tlfe one of themost splemn rites of the wedding ceremony? Moreover these symbolic keys had to be returned by the WlfeTlir when unworthy the trusty was expelled fofeverffromLlheh1011! she? badjjdlsT graced On the other hand the rench wjdow of the Middle Ages if left des titute had the right to tear away the sacredkeys the house from Mier girdle a nd throw them in the grave of husband By this action commonly known aSj'thrpwing tne keys in the she publicly renounced all turther ties a ndv disclaimed the debp of the man who had left her un provided for rom that moment she wafileft unmolested fpij in thosepuper stitious days ho one would have' dared to' Interfere with a woman who bad thus freed' herself froipiny marriage responsibility Je cannot but admire the work of thef old locksmiths who upaiypulated atwill brass iron arid J5teelfo as to delineate the delicate traceries and fret work of guipure and windows Tiiiis metal craft had evidential! great fascination since it can boast not only of Several masters of renown jiotably tbecelebrated Benvenuto Celling jind Antoine Jacquartut also'of a royal amateur Louis XIV himself re nowned for his mechanical hobby and who hds left to posterity several keyfi pure today is I think greater than it has been in any previous generation The task of convincing people in a democracy that liberty brings duties as well as rights is harder than the suondlng task under an aristocracy A privileged class has received so many special favors that a rtcmmnn cnifit fit IllRtiCe amOUR itS 106111 "that Uk sbOTM SSf 01 POid obligations ol duties £eturs to? these (Ivors But when you make that appeal to a man who has takei hto chance with every other man in the hard struggle of life and who hal had less than his share of power and privilege you have no such basis tendency at the present day among those who have benefited by the out of business competition to believe that this a part ot the moral nrderof the universe and there is a tendencj among those who have th races of a majority of people fo believe that the vox pop Pte to Ki "Stance 4e DeL any sane man whatever his attitude toward social questions must see that there are a great many cases where busings struggles result to the survival of the unfit instead of the survival of the fit and where those who Stain temporary controlof political power use it for purposes just as arbi trary and tyrannical as if the? had never been compelled to appeal to their fellow citizens for the form of an election 1 i Our industrial machinery and our political machine! are both excellent in their way but no industrial or political machinery however good can take the place of public spirit and self devotion And when the existence of such machinery is made an excuse for letting public spirit and devotion go Unused It constitutes a menace instead of a' safeguard to the future of the body mi rpKft Tti rl T1 I I puilLlu Ako In America j' Neither a poor man nor a rich man is or can be gentleman" in Amer ica to the sense of the term as used in a monarchical countryor under an aristocratic systcifi ot society The word is unknown to pur law In the sense of expressing moral qualities the only sense in which it can be used here the ter applies of course to every man entitled to receive it as a designation of courtesy but even to that usage it is a'term so vague and indefinable that it is not worth talk ing about It may be said however never to apply properly to any Amen lean who boasts of being a becauseof any accident of his mere material circ*mstances or to any American who is a troubled in mind account' of them he should not receive the titled If anybody in America Is nota gentleman it is his own New York Sun but its agricultural possibilities are very large Yet of its 5000000 in habitants only 2000000 live in the rural districts and their numbers are insufficient to develop the resources of the land Lately however the far mers have learned that they must make oneftftft and beginning to import agricultural ma chinery Alton Adams makes some novel suggestions in The Engineering Mag azine to regard to the utilization of the Niagara River for power purposes These do not contemplate any addi tional tax on the great cataractwhich has hitherto been the central feature of such projects Mr Adams shows what might be accomplished further downstream Those portions of the rapids which lie aboye and be low the sharp bend at the whirlpool together have a descent amounting to eighty feet or a little more than half as much as the abrupt at the falls If one or more plants were established so as to make use of the entire flow of the stream there some thing like 1200000 horsepower could be put at the disposal of industry THE ANCIENT TO i WEILO LIAOYXnG i 1 ing on both Russians and Japanese Likewise refrajne frpnj injuring the tower' The above picture is Jrepro duction from a photograph madeby a yvar correspondent after the Japanese occupAtion fto jvh In frpnt of the tower? nreJ seeifi some Japanese of ficers of General staffJhila be world is at the summer palfice of the Austrian Emperor frtTScfionbrunilSit contains 18000 plants ATEwch itself is sightless Jnakes a point victimsAnd fritlo is onq of those typical rulers sent in periods of naUon atnnn into nulling down tne tottering Hbrfc of is generally Jn inverse rauc to rne here being proportionate to acuou a a A ft Wl ft ft 1 A LAU a Drougnt into his transitory The feebleness is evidenced in hls chronic state the Atan Aorce jn gtem moodsi Thus while incapable of perseverance in i things in public policy he is characterized by extreme attention in which with the ideas of others acts at their instigation or else by impiuse ana them less for their qualities than fortheir manifest disposition thereforeto affirm that he is constant only in his meant efforts to That ailment has been aggravated by injudicious well cure it A soft feminine voice uttering loving words and bracing exportations in the language of Shakespeare stimulated him to wrone direction With average intelligence even a Russian Agnes Sorel with that ate which' she fondly fancies she is out maneuvering leader of tae nation during this te'trble crisis is a sick 10 ed' development and morbid wlllwhose inability to SQyern might perWs pass unnoticed if he would but allow any man of intellect ovriU to with the jarring elements This however he refuses to permit while allottog to obscure sobers and seamen tricksters and money grabbers a share ot the supreme power to the detriment of the'nation The mental and moral impc tency of thifi well intentioned marplot who cannot bo Baid to bave had even exeperience unless ten years of uniform failure could impart it is commonplaces of conversation in toy and country Even the rough and ready droshky drivers say of him that he has been thrust among rulers like a pe stle among spoons Yet apprised of his impotence by the Boudor Council he wishes to will and takes the volition for the deed No occurrence no event makes a impression on his mind Abroad our armies may be scattered our ships sunk our credit ruined he is serene in spite of it all At home the whole i mav ho crnintr tn nieces Nicholas sits still and fondly an JHJ 'notates State Jers a very Narcissus ot the lnkpot National Review? i It was one of the secrets of my craft the old days when I wanted to weld iron or work steel to a fine purposeNf to begin gently It Ibegautas aUi learners do to strike my heaviest blows at the start the iron would crumble instead of welding or the steel would 4 suffer under my hammer so that I when it came to be tempered It would ns we used to say and rob the I thing I had made of ita finest quality It was the first condition of a' good7 begin gently later I could strike' with a firmer hand and in Jhc eudfpojj out all my might in a' storm of sturdy blows but if I began so it ended as rf rule with a wreck The perfection! the Nasmyth hammer lies in the blend ft ftft ftft ft ftzV ft ft zl A Lr VL llD gVLlllVllVBO UU IlOpUUUVL VUD nn flint It enn enme rdnwn'nn gently as a June shower or smite like a tornado according to the need of the moment So "the skillful mechanic starts new machinery a steam engine or evenchine gently It is the bf keeping the balance machine shall not tear at high pressure I noticed the same sj in the building up of a grand organ I The builder began gently In bringing r4out its harmonies with some fine "chords made those true and went on to the others and so wroughtbn to the end Again an animal trainer wuiie ue smites me tigvr witu uu uuu bar if he is wise talks to a horse ah' lures him courts him and makes him his friend We do not speak of a horse so much now we him J3o I love td note such things' as these as I watch the perpetual advent of little children into this life of ours andwonder how we shall deal with them in the one wise way which will weld them shall I say to whatsoever things are true and lovely and of good report start them to the surest purpose and train them so as to bring out the whole power for good which God has in their nature There must be one right way nnd I think this father found it when he said: children are tender I will lead them on They may seem crude mere machines or little brutes there are some men who seem by their actious to have such notions of a nature to theireternal shame Here is the prln jjclple: They are tender we must lead them on Softly Solomon may slip in V4ft ftvvftl ft CSftftvft 4 Ivft wft1 HllU XJAO tl UU1 UUA1U1 VIA LUV AlSU and spoil the He has no busi ness about my place while my children are tender I can no more be bard If I hurt them In this evil way I hurt those who are of fthe kingdom of HeavenMy white hairs have brought me this wisdom: That tbe unpardonable sin is to be hard on a tender child I do not wonder that the old grandsire is so gentle with the second generation He will not tell you or himself perhaps why he is but he would fain recall some passages of bls fatherhood but that cannot be done so hecbokesthe Inextinguishable regret and humbly to get 'even through the Over measure My good mother was some thing of a Spartan a very gentle Rnnrtnn with hoi hlMran hnf If wna wonderfully beautiful to see her in her old age spreading her wide grand uuuiuerij iviuga uver lue vunureu ui the new day She could no more be hard upon them no matter what pranks they played than your May sun dan be hard upon your May blos som It was the return of the heart to the soft answer the sweet submis sion to the better plan the vision of the infinite worth of gentle ways with tender folk the endeavor unknown to herself to ease her dear old heart of what little pain there was from tbe old days the feeling that perhaps she might have gone more softly once These children are not things at all that we can turn out to pattern but human beings each one living to him nelf or to herself holding a se cret we cannot fathom possessing powers perhaps we cannot even guess at our children after the flesh children after the spirit but intrusted to our hands and homes that coming out of Heaven with hints of tbe angels in them they may go back when their time comes as sealed saints The boy may be the image ofthe father yet totally different within We vainly try in our children some times to see our image we 'detect a faculty or temper wg never had The Holy Spirit which watches forever selects and saves by a law we do not half understand and we do not un derstand these tender natures until we know what these powers are which are waking out of their sleep My boy may have a faculty which In thirty years may be a benediction to the human family but to day it may look like a vice to me and may grow to be vice if I did not say "The child is ider I will lead on He may orn with an overplus or imagina id things that have no existence em realities to mm 1 imagine Ing right and left and then a gentle guidance through find the line between ught8 1 give first a stern men a sound whipping where A father and it with a atnerence er has been: draw Ift ftftwne 4 lia BVliUVUDf mt son as come honestlyNiy the'faculty hilt lift Im ftA 1 xbc to iv Biirvwu cxjougD ro see how far 116 eo Wlthouthbelng found out' fatber prays for hjtn at family altar as if he were son of perdition and helps to make through such prayers JW TUAllId CflV Hnmv lntlki ft' 1 efeybf ihifl mav Kzt wwft tutu SHL JUU uo not understand The loftiest poet that pri" ever sang may be but a vaster liar by your cnterion Children arejender we must remem ber as we try to educate them We could hardly light on a wiser or better woman than Mrs Barbauld butshe was so eager to make a very remarka ble man out of her little nephew Charles Aiken that she educated him "out of his mind into idiocy So good parents who would shrink from laying heavy burden on their backs do not hesitate to lay burdenscQpvthe nerve anu Drain Tney urge them on their books or permit1 the 'teflBers uo mis until tne poor young thing? Jose more in wealth of life and worth than their education will pay for Lead on softly in 'these 1' ffi? Apt and1 coyer little Jiaths of education If xour children while "the 'will iurn a vivid a Miiaueipma rtecord 1 Otf i is' 7 set a EXPONENT XT 1 wa Jem ft irisu nsp Va a 1 ii A an Ok I i ft II I I '1 1111111 li Wl ft ft 7" ft irSMLatU'tl': 5 Mm Mr i I 4 SrZyi y'4 Mt 1 Mp 3 tr Iw UH PELv i I1 i I I a I ft JjJ tiLlUl MrW A 1 I i Sm a i 0 ni 9k I 1 I foods 1 TfC IT 'll 'M ii nttiiiiiai ft i i rr ft Mffl P5 ffliis a 05 I 't fv LS4 Bi MH WS 9 10 I i I tlJ rti IPV4 I ii if WlttMwUS init 7 I I'M I "tfr i 1 i ft rz aihjWWWjii 5v vw i at irui uniH rv nfcjr: WBBBHI 4 An UttiX7T7 iH? ap H' ''wfl II it I II II MyjmRH AVry I I I it KWaiI tftirj 11 Soffit II II J' iflCEl MI if iMi hy Uf 9 WesLTf a nyM 4lM xs cv H'M VJWM i IH hMMU I 19 119 'I IniBsVJI 19ft nf I' AinrhlIrWiy tkvj tefekZcWft MIH Ml ft oiMM i a 11 BSu x'ei pY 9 )VdY Md Jhu fl M19M L' ft Bl i The Dog you didnT lost? your if Jill Bj MW T9 Hk An QTv7 A Ofe 911 I 'r I I i 1 1 I 'A rr 1 ft ft ft ft 1 1 1 Vi I i uni ri ir kw a iiwvwaan him a iairaiit i AHA 'vr Avi'u 'V i 1 sV t' jt 1 ar ft ft j' a SD I.

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