Easy to Make Pink Rhubarb Gin Recipe (2024)

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How to make homemade rhubarb gin! This lovely pink rhubarb gin recipe uses just three simple ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. Enjoy the gin neat, in rhubarb gin and tonics, or in gin-based co*cktails.

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Rhubarb is cheerfully making a comeback as a popular crop for the kitchen. If you have space, I highly recommend growing your own. It’s easy and like most crops, when you look away from the supermarket shelves, there’s a huge variety available.

You can grow rhubarb from seed but they rarely grow true. The easiest way is to plant crowns which is the root of the plant that survives over winter. The best time to plant rhubarb crowns is from November to December when they are dormant. One of the best ways to start a rhubarb patch is to ask one of your neighbours if they’re planning on dividing their rhubarb. You dig up the mature plant in winter and using a spade, chop the crown into quarters. Take one of these chunks and pop it into the ground with some compost or well-rotted manure.

Growing Rhubarb Takes Time

It’s important not to harvest any of the rhubarb stems in the first year as the crowns need time to establish. Harvesting them prematurely will result in weak plants and could kill them off. If you like your rhubarb, then I’m afraid the first year is a bit of a tease – but it’s definitely worth the wait. Cut off any flowers that appear and after a few years, you should have a plant that will reward you with a plentiful supply of stems each spring.

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Rhubarb is a perennial and requires very little in the way of maintenance. Each autumn I mulch the plants with a decent pile of organic matter such as compost or well-rotted manure and leave them tucked up in their winter bed until the following spring.

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Make Rhubarb Gin With Pink Stems

In the UK, forced Rhubarb, which provides early, delicate pink stems, is famously produced in large dark barns within a nine-square-mile area of Yorkshire, commonly known as the Rhubarb Triangle. At one point, this area produced 90% of the world’s forced rhubarb. Production declined following the end of World War 2, as a rationed-out British public lost the taste for rhubarb – a crop that served them so well during the war – for more exotic fruits and vegetables that had become more accessible.

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You can produce your own forced rhubarb if you have established rhubarb plants in your garden. To do this you can buy beautiful bespoke terracotta pots. However, they are not necessary and you will get the same result by placing an upended bin or pot over the plant in winter and leaving it in place until the following February.

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Popular Rhubarb Varieties

If you love these tart crimson stems, and if you have space, you could plant a few different varieties and enjoy an extended period of harvest. Timperley Early is one of the earliest varieties to grow – a popular choice for forcing too. Livingston is certainly a variety to consider as a late cropping treat as it produces its stalks in the autumn.

Do not cut rhubarb stalks as this can encourage rot. Instead, grab hold of each one near the base and give it a pull. It gives a delightful ‘pop’. And never take more than half of the plant’s stalks at any one point as the other half will provide full leaves and enable the plant to feed the roots and develop next year’s crop. Don’t be tempted by the leaves of rhubarb. Despite their incredibly lush quality, they are toxic with oxalic acid. Cut them off and add them to the compost pile.

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Using Rhubarb in Recipes

When it comes to using rhubarb in the kitchen, you won’t go far wrong with simply stewing or poaching the stems and serving them up with a generous dollop of ice cream or custard. It’s certainly a favourite way of enjoying the homegrown rhubarb in our house.

And hit it up with some flavour too. Orange, vanilla, pear, coconut, almond, ginger, strawberry and lemon all work well with rhubarb. However, If you like a drop of gin and fancy creating a bottle of your own to share with friends, I’ve discovered an easy and incredibly delicious way to use some of that rhubarb up and create what I believe will be your new favourite tipple.

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Sweet & Mellow Rhubarb Gin Recipe

After 4 weeks, the rhubarb gin is ready. The liquor will be clear and a beautiful pink in colour but you can strain it through muslin if you want even more clarity. It looks fantastic poured into small glass bottles and would make a lovely gift to give to a family member or friend.

The juice from the rhubarb along with the sugar makes for a sweet and mellow taste and I’ve found it easy to enjoy poured straight over ice. Or you could make for a longer drink by adding soda water or your favourite tonic. However, for an extra special summer occasion, top up your homemade rhubarb gin with chilled prosecco. Cheers.

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Easy to Make Pink Rhubarb Gin Recipe (9)

Easy Pink Rhubarb Gin Recipe

Richard Chivers for Lovely Greens

There are a number of ways to make rhubarb gin but this recipe is one of the easiest. One important tip is to choose a good quality gin. I suggest you don’t use one with strong botanicals to ensure the taste of the rhubarb is maximized.

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Prep Time 15 minutes mins

Total Time 15 minutes mins

Course Drinks

Cuisine American

Servings 28 shots

Calories 63 kcal


  • 1 Kg Rhubarb (2.2 lbs or about cups)
  • 1 L Gin (About cups, and no need for a premium brand, but not one with complex botanicals)
  • 400 g white sugar (2 cups)


  • Remove the leaves, wash and trim the rhubarb stalks.

  • Cut the stems into 3cm pieces and put them in a large jar with the sugar.

  • Seal the lid and give the rhubarb and sugar a good shake to thoroughly combine. Leave overnight.

  • After 24hrs, the sugar will have drawn out a lot of juice from the rhubarb. Add the gin, seal the jar, and give it another good shake. Leave for 4 weeks giving the jar an occasional shake.

  • After four weeks, the rhubarb gin is ready. The liquor will be clear and a beautiful pink in color but you can strain it through muslin if you want even more clarity. The rhubarb pieces can be eaten, but watch out, they will be boozy.

  • Bottle in clean and sterilized glass bottles and use within six months.


Calories: 63kcal

Keyword blackberry, gin, preserving

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Easy to Make Pink Rhubarb Gin Recipe (10)

Richard Chivers is passionate about growing fruit and vegetables on his family allotment garden. His blog, Sharpen your Spades aims to inspire anyone to pull on their wellies and join in the movement to grow their own.

Easy to Make Pink Rhubarb Gin Recipe (2024)


How do you make pink gin at home? ›

All you need is a bottle of Sipsmith London Dry Gin, a heaping pile of sloe berries (if you struggle to forage in your area, they're often sold online), and a large, sealable glass jar. After infusing for several months, add a dose of simple syrup to sweeten, and voila: you've got homemade pink gin to be proud of.

Why is my rhubarb gin not pink? ›

By the third day your gin should be ready but it can continue to infuse for another month as the gin and sugar both act as a preservative. All the pink will have leached from the rhubarb into the alcohol, leaving a greeny/yellow rhubarb behind.

What's the best mixer for rhubarb gin? ›

For those of you that aren't fond of tonic, we often get asked what to serve Rhubarb or Pink Gin with. If someone likes ginger in general, then a Rhubarb Gin mixer we always suggest is Ginger Ale, or Ginger Beer if you want to up the spiciness.

Is rhubarb gin pink gin? ›

Our Yorkshire rhubarb gin boasts a delightful 42% ABV, blending our traditional coastal ingredients with Yorkshire's finest rhubarb. This vivid, pink elixir contains no artificial additives or colourings, preserving the pure essence of rhubarb.

What ingredient makes pink gin pink? ›

The pink color in this spirit derives from infusion of red and pink produce, spices, or bitters – or even added coloring and sweeteners. Popular ingredients like strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, grape skins, rose petals, and red currents, can add color as well as fragrance and flavor to a pink gin.

How to make gin for beginners? ›

  1. Combine vodka and juniper berries in a sealable glass jar and steep for 12 hours.
  2. Add coriander, chamomile, lavender, cardamom, bay leaf, allspice, and grapefruit peel. ...
  3. Strain out solids through a strainer lined with cheesecloth, then strain through cheesecloth again into desired bottle.

How do you keep rhubarb pink? ›

Grenadine syrup can be added to the sugar syrup as a colouring to make forced rhubarb even pinker.

Which bitters gives pink gin its colour? ›

Pink gin was historically used to refer to a co*cktail made fashionable in England in the mid-19th century, consisting of Plymouth gin and a dash of Angostura bitters, a dark red bitters that makes the whole drink pinkish.

What gin turns pink when you add tonic? ›

Empress Gin, which boasts an indigo hue in the bottle, changes to a pretty lavender pink when acid, in the form of citrus or quinine, is added.

What tonic water for rhubarb gin? ›


Always begin with your favourite gin glass and plenty of ice. Pour 50ml of Penrhos Rhubarb over the ice so the ice chills the gin. Top up with an Indian Tonic and garnish with a slice of orange.

What can I do with rhubarb gin? ›

  1. 1 ½ oz. Ha'Penny Rhubarb Gin.
  2. ¾ oz. fresh lemon.
  3. ¾ oz. simple syrup.
  4. Top with soda.
  5. Lemon & mint, for garnish.
Apr 3, 2024

Should you put cucumber in gin? ›

It goes great with gin

The cucumber adds a grassy note – think mown lawns in a glass – with the slight bitterness of the skin melding perfectly with the tonic's quinine. Even if you're not into drinking any more, it's hard to give that up.

How is pink gin made? ›

Nowadays, when producing pink gin, the base gin is distilled in the same way as your original gin, but after distillation, the gin will be infused with red or pink fruits, or bitters like the original recipe. Colouring and sweeteners can also be added at this stage to lift the fruity notes.

How is the original pink gin made? ›

Back in the day, 'pink' gin was actually a traditional dry gin served with the addition of angostura bitters to give it a pink colour. Pink gin has a unique colour, yet often has no added sugar and the same amount of alcohol as regular gin.

What are the ingredients in pink 47 gin? ›

Pink 47 is a fine London Dry gin made from Italian juniper berries. It includes some exotic botanicals too with two different types of angelica and two different corianders. Lavish. There's also Spanish citrus fruits and almonds and a touch of West African nutmeg.

What are the ingredients of Gordon's pink gin? ›

Inspired by an original Gordon's recipe from the 1880s, Gordon's Pink is perfectly crafted to balance the refreshing taste of Gordon's with the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, with the tang of redcurrant served up in a unique blushing tone.

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