Football Crafts for Kids - Tree of Footballs - Mighty Kids (2024)

Get little ones ready for football season by introducing them to the sport with an indoor activity like doing football crafts for kids. Check out this Montessori-based tree of footballs activity.

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Working with different materials is essential for a child’s development because they stimulate their senses and develop skills that will be very useful in his/her adult life.

It involves choosing what they want to do, such as selecting colors, cutting heavy paper, and gluing ornaments. Thus more and more things are created, and their ideas are broadened by their choices.

Making crafts like our football crafts for kids develops creativity, trains the right side of the brain responsible for their emotions, and how pleasant they see their work.

Crafts encourage concentration, patience, perseverance, and the power to focus step by step on finishing a specific job. However, inundating children with activities can become monotonous for them, too. This will cause children to become bored too quickly or cause them to be overstimulated.

Craft activities are ideal for children to have precision, continuity, and coordination. They learn to focus on the work to be done and improving other skills such as calculating the indicated amount of glue, cutting along the edge of a figure, and coloring delimited areas.

Teamwork is one of the most important aspects today, so it is essential to cultivate it early. Making crafts like our football crafts for kids below with children is a fun way to teach them the power of collaboration.

When it comes to helping an adult, children naturally put all their collaboration and concentration into the task so that a job turns out great. This helps to strengthen social and family relationships. When we offer children the possibility of working with crafts, we allow them to learn in a concrete and manipulative way, as proposed by the Montessori learning method.

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Topic: Handcrafts

Age: 4-6-year-old children

Goal: Through this football crafts for kids activity, children develop and strengthen their motor skills and concentration through handcraft.

Difficulty level: Average. This football crafts for kids activity is designed for children to carry out autonomously by following instructions.


  • Precision in hand and finger movements
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Concentration
  • Imagination
  • Autonomy


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  • A tree trunk made with foamy previously elaborated
  • Leaves made with foamy as footballs
  • A plastic container with glue
  • A small paintbrush
  • Card stock/heavy paper
  • 2 containers


Step 1:

Use the paintbrush to put the glue on the trunk and stick it to the card stock.

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Step 2:

Now put the glue on the leaves and stick them on the card stock above the tree trunk.

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A Foamy tree decorated using football-shaped leaves. Easy football crafts for kids.

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After their football crafts for kids activity give children fun worksheets. Click the link below to download and print.

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Download the Free Printable Football Worksheets


This football crafts for kids activity can be done with younger children. To reduce the difficulty level, you must change the materials. Children can be given a pre-printed figure to fill it in play-dough or paint to strengthen the movements of their hands and fingers and thus carry out a craft activity appropriate to their development and abilities.


This football crafts for kids activity can be done with older children. To increase the difficulty level, you will not need to change materials. However, to make the exercise more attractive, children must cut each of the tree parts like the trunk and leaves and then glue them together. It is most likely that they already have the skill and precision to carry out the activity.


In this video, you will find a detailed description of the “A TREE OF FOOTBALLS” activity, designed for 4-6-year-old children, in which a tree was made with football-shaped leaves and a foamy trunk.

This football activity will allow children to develop precision in the hands and fingers’ movements, creativity, patience, concentration, imagination, and autonomy.

The materials needed for the activity’s development are previously made foamy trunk, previously made foamy leaves in the shape of a football, container with liquid glue, brush, card stock/heavy paper,2 extra containers.

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I’d like to know what you think of our craft activity for preschoolers. Please leave a comment below.

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Football Crafts for Kids - Tree of Footballs - Mighty Kids (2024)
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