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oakland is inching closer to a recall election for mayor sheng thao. a fire breaks out near grizzly peak in berkeley. firefighters think fireworks might be to blame and we're just hours away from an incessant heat warning kicking into effect will have live team coverage. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> waking up with us on a tuesday. get ready for a hotline aria, be prepared stay safe. let's start our team coverage with john in the weather center. good morning, jon. yeah, good morning. this is the hottest today and tomorrow. so we're right in the middle of it. now. those heat warnings and advisories going into effect here in 2 hours. but temperatures are already wasting no time hitting at. let's look outside at the golden gate. not a single cloud in the sky. no evidence of fog anywhere close to there. the coastline this morning is about the only spot that you're going to have mild conditions. as we look towards the afternoon, excessive heat

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warnings in pink while heat advisories in peach go into effect 11 look at how long the last 4 until saturday, 08:00pm, those areas in pink, which is a lot of us, we'll have dangerous heat this afternoon. so really stressing getting yourself to cool spot for a few hours. find that ec wherever it may be, especially cooling centers that are opened up now, just let your body a chance to recover to normalize that we can get through this heat without really feeling the ramifications of it. 60's at the coast right now, a lot of 70's popping up on the bay shore. brent, what you're already a 88 vacaville after having only fallen to 87 earlier on 94 right now. so temperatures climbing really quick. daytime highs later today, antioch and conquered up at one 10 beach livermore at 108. while oakland down through fremont in the 90's and we're not going to take long to get there by noontime already approaching triple digits for a lot of inland areas. and by the time 08:00pm gets here, still close to 100

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degrees for a lot of those same inland spots. so not a lot of relief and sheer evenings again, find some ac this afternoon, right? all right, john, thanks for that. make an excellent time. as we get to our 9 o'clock hour. >> 13 minute ride on the bay bridge. no accidents or hazard san mateo bridge just short of 18 minutes, 80 to 101. there was summer feel bridge around 12 minutes and the golden gate. 37 of the tolls, 20 minute ride. all right. james, back to you. all right. am back to our team coverage of this heat. the red flag warning and just all of the dangers we need to be aware of especially with temperatures getting over 100. we have team coverage now with wilt ready standing by out in lafayette with more. good morning. well, >> it is hot and it will get even hotter, unfortunately. so it's not just uncomfortable. it is dangerous for you to be out here too. late in the afternoon, especially if you're not careful with your dog or your child in the car, but it's also dangerous for

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firefighters, which is why they are staffing up their levels to make sure they are ready to pounce on any possible wildfires high up in the hill. we chose this location to show you how it looks like it very much similar all over the bay area. it is dry. all that vegetation that grew in the wintertime. well, it has to be cut down and you can see the line there. they started doing it and they right there because he gets to dangerous as it slopes down. but you get slice of how it looks like it is dry all over the bay area. let me show you a map right now. we are currently in a red flag warning that actually started last night and will continue throughout the day. red flag warning basically means that conditions are right for any possible wild fires. i mean, i can tell you is our heavy extreme heat as far as i'm concerned and then you add that to low humidity, possible strong winds and human error. we're talking fireworks. many

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people already lighting up fireworks that were not in the 4th of july just yet. that's why the police department's they're staffing up their crackdown on illegal fireworks with the hope is if they crack it down, crack down on it. that means that they can't light up and therefore the firefighters don't have to pounce on it. but that's in a perfect world more than likely there will be fires because of fireworks. and that's why the staff, including the fire department and police department, they are ready to roll all over the bay area, especially and drier, places like livermore, a contra costa, alameda county. he's just going to have to buckle up because right now for the next several days, it's going to be really hot to the point where we are currently not just in a red flag warning, but soon we will be in excessive heat. san francisco already has a heat advisory and you how san francisco is. mark twain said that the cold this winter he had the summer

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in san francisco for san francisco to had have that heat advisory right now. you get the point. we are going to really took over the next several days. back to you. >> all right. thank you. and the dangers with fires, of course, in july 4th on the way, a 7 acre brush fire. this one broke out in concord. images on the cal fire camera were from 02:40am. and you can see the fire very active and look at the way the wind was blowing it. here's the concern. this is at the line. ridge open space. conde fire believes this started due to fireworks. they talk to neighbors and they heard and saw fireworks in that area and then the fire broke out. same situation also in the east bay with this fire that broke out last night at grizzly peak in berkeley. let's take a look at that fire. this is near centennial drive in grizzly peak boulevard. there's the a big fire response that turned out to hit hard because they don't want these fires to spread multiple agencies responded there in the dark. it put it out pretty quickly. but again, they think this was

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also related to fireworks. >> we had the fire out within about 15, 20 minutes. luckily fire was moving very fast here. the vegetation was still pretty, you know, not super dry at the moment. so this fire couple months from now could be little bit worse. but do the quick response with the fact that we do have so many agencies this close. we had crews here very quick in a lot very. >> and you might your firefighters a red flag warning. you know, it means that it's dry. it's windy. and of course, it's hot. so that's very easy for fires to spread. >> fireworks have already started to pop off neighborhoods across the bay area. cal fire's warning everybody to be careful. the agency posted this video showing how fireworks can injure you and caused millions of dollars in property damage too. cal fire says it was in 2023 that fireworks lead to 8 deaths and nearly 10,000 injuries. and with this heat wave that we're experiencing right now, the risk of

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starting wildfires is especially high with wildfires. in fact, here's an example of what they're talking about. >> well, there across my phone and you see right there in the foreground, something from a fireworks falling on the tall, dry grass. this sunday night in san francisco fireworks spark a 3 acre fire. >> luckily, firefighters were able to get a handle on it, but they posted this video on axed just to show everybody how fast >> flames can spread. the department is reminding everybody that all fireworks are illegal in san francisco, including ones that are labeled safe and sane. >> it's 907. and in the south bay, there was a crash over the weekend in san jose. a car slammed into a home. crash ended up killing the passenger

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and neighbors say they are fed up with crashes happening in front of their homes, their proper shaq moment, walks us through what happened. >> well, police say a woman was driving with a male passenger around 2 in the morning on saturday, june 29th. they were driving hit the median here hit these bushes, bandit hitting this fence right here. and if you take a quick walk with me, you can see this plant got hit by the car as well. you can see there's also still a piece of that car that flew off and then the tires screech along here, hit this back fence and ended up crashing and landing right side up on to this person's house. >> police say the passenger in the car died. the driver suffered minor injuries. she was arrested at the hospital. not sure what happened. people who live in the home struggling on monday to find the word. i'm not really sure happen. he didn't want his face shown, but he lives in this home with his dad, an aunt. he showed us the security camera video of the

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car overturned on the to the car went like this. he says his dad was asleep in that same room and fortunately no one was hurt. have you had car crashes you always this man along with his family. tell us that they're tired of the car crashes happening all the time on mckee road we need to educate. >> the drivers and pedestrians, but drivers that speed kills. san jose councilmember pam foley chairs the city's vision, 0 board's area was built for cars, not built for pedestrians. we need recapture it and build it. rebuild that for pedestrians. while no money was earmarked in this year's budget to bring car fatalities down in san jose, the counselor says they've been awarded 20 million dollars to improve roads and tracking systems. >> like red light cameras, 0 fatalities on the street. that's the goal of vision. 0. >> is that realistic? i don't know. but i sure want to try to reach it. >> meantime, councilmember bully tells that that grant money she was talking about,

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that's going to come into a new plan for their vision, 0 task force, which will be up for a vote by city councilors sometime in december reporting in san jose. jack moment. kron 4 news. >> we're sending a clear message that whether you live here. or cross city county or state lines to commit a crime. we will find you and hold you >> i was san jose mayor matt mahan announcing that 7 people who see in this video have been arrested now after a sideshow went awry with spectators attacking a patrol car and hurting the officer inside. police say this video actually help them identify and find those suspects. and it turns out only one of the 7 arrested was actually a san jose resident. this happened about 2 weeks ago. police say the officer in that patrol car was actually responding to help us spectator who'd been injured while looking at a sideshow that spectator thanked lee in the officer only suffered minor injuries.

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also happening today, the oakland city council is expected to authorize and schedule a recall election for mayor sheng thao. it looks like it's going to be in november. it's not the only concern for mayor thao, however, because as you know, the fbi recently raided her home and collected evidence. we're still waiting to hear from the agency about what exactly they're investigating. so stay tuned. also happening today, the local police union is set to make an announcement on the proposed budget cuts by mayor thao and the city council cuts they say will impact the city's fire and police departments. we're going to tell you what they have to say. if that announcement state tuned 9.11, vice president kamala harris is going to be in san francisco today. she is going to arrive at sfo around 10 o'clock. so. >> within the hour, we'll see her arrive. and then she will be delivering remarks at a rip a day. a special political event at 2 o'clock this afternoon. then she will head back to washington, d.c.. it is 9.11, right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning

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news lawmakers are battling over how best to deal with retail theft. >> we'll take a look at some ballot measures you could see on the november ballot. >> and 9.11 now we are looking at lots of sunshine out there. and with that, temperatures are rising really quick already getting up to 110 in antioch later on today.

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>> 9.14, is the time. and the weather is the big story today. real close to july 4th in not real. close to 100 way over 100 towns. yeah. >> john, good morning. yeah. if you thought 100 was bad, wait for 100. ted, what is she

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yeah. again, this is going to be dangerously hot, honestly for so many inland areas. and that's why we're all stressing finding a cool spot this afternoon. staying hydrated trying to avoid overly exerting yourself really anytime of day these next few days. >> use it as an excuse does take it easy. >> we're looking outside at the embarcadero right here. take a look at how calm both the flag in those palm trees are. there is her o breeze pushing in from the coastline right now. that means 0 access to the ocean. cool there. that can be mother nature is a c for the bay area. and that is when temperatures really start to spike this high-pressure ridge immediately to our west is really only resulting in a northerly dry when it mostly for upper elevations, completely creating a barrier from cool coastal air. and that's areas from aside from the immediate coastline are going to be in this excessive heat warning in pink and heat advisory. impeach starting at 11:00am and look the time length of this all the way through 08:00pm on saturday.

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those areas in pink, especially prone to heat related illness. if you spend too much time during the afternoon outside, that's why we're talking getting inside. the dec cooling centers are open. maybe a a or the shopping mall. any of those spots just giving yourself your body a chance to regulate for a couple of hours can really help you with this extended heat. we have around the corner kuz. it does put a lot of stress on you being out there even just being in a hot house. if you don't have air conditioning now, fire weather with these red flag warnings in upper elevations. this is due to that dry north wind dropping humidity to 10% as well as the pairing of that with these excessively hot temperatures, any fire start can result in the rapidly spreading fire through the 4th of july into the weekend. so fire safety heat safety. these are the things we need to think about. first and foremost, as we do plan out this holiday week, 70's to 80's and san francisco today, golden gate park is a good option at 73, coolest spot being montero at 69 does not sound bad compared to the 90's and triple digits that much of

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the rest of us are going to be going through. so trip to the coast. i know that's not an option for everyone, but if you can, it's great. a nice escape. san jose cooling centers open escape from 100 degrees. fremont at 98 pleasanton and livermore. that's not ok, find a cool spot to get to danville on the creek. conquered in antioch are very hottest at one 10. anything with ac is going to be rescued this afternoon. pittsburgh, fairfield and vacaville at 109, th in triple digits continue for much of the rest of the north bay tomorrow. just as hot if not hotter than today and not a lot of relief after that, either 4th of july, still scorcher as will be the weekend. it does look like that. we at least back up the triple digits by monday of next week. >> rain. all right, john, thanks for that. if you're hitting the roads right now, things are looking great in the 9 o'clock hour. 42 minute ride. 85 to menlo park to 82 even to 37. we're not seeing any major issues there. 13 minutes traveling into the city this morning. meter lights are off san mateo

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bridge around 18. still no accidents or hazards. there. travel along 80 crockett out towards the main start to build just past richmond. 19 minute ride and sadly angled to 37 around 40 minutes. all right. james, back to you. >> time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black. rob, good morning. i'm gazing across the markets are a bit mixed summer up. some are down but not by a whole lot. what are you seeing? >> when she's tomorrow, segment on air conditions. just less than a at the weather report. yeah. erica. mission stocks been really good investments last 5, 10, 15 years. but more on that right now the markets are searching for direction. it's july second, we just started a new quarter. were half lead and the s p 500 up 15% of the year. i think it goes higher from here. driven by tech stocks as their fundamentals look great with i think coming together. so maybe another 10% higher by the end of the year.

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jay powell is out there talking day in east saying things like progress, united states on inflation that i still want you know, not quite it's coming. that'll be another catalyst for more of a market rally. not just a tech rally. i like what i'm seeing. we've had a great year so far. if we're side ways for 6 months, i'm happy. but i do see some snares for don't okay. good enough. we've got 4th of july this week, obviously. so we'll see. >> what happens on that front? let's talk about summer travel. i just got back from a week of a vacationing flights were fine, but i understand they're going to go up as we get deeper into the summer and that could spell delays. i don't know what you think. >> yeah. when we had best travel day of the year on may 24th and we had our flights delayed. 24 6,000 flights. so now we just set another record on june 20rd of 2.9 9 million travelers through tsa. well, tonight we have traveling through july 8th that's up

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5.4% year-over-year. and that tells me expect some delays. ultimately there's a lot of challenges creating these delays boeing has some safety issues and that's delaying delivery its to late inspection of their planes. air traffic controllers. we don't have enough of them and they're fatigued with where we need about another 3,000. if i were 20 and didn't have a direction, i consider becoming an air traffic controller. that's good pay. and he retire early and on top of there's one more thing. extreme weather sticks. all this extreme heat creates heat waves and extreme heat waves create hot air hot air makes thin air thin air equals turbulence. turbulence. eagles, weather delays. so as we're combining the heat with the record travel, expect delays this summer. no doubt. >> and next week we've got what amazon's prime day and looks like. we've got others jumping in on the 2. also in the same week, are we going like head to head?

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>> some of them separated by about 5 or 7 days, which is interesting. good note. you're noticing are on notice that target or walmart now have clubs are cheaper than amazon prime because 10th prime day is going to be celebrated this year and need have amazon prime subscription service tune order to get the deals. i like deals. i don't like binding that need, but i like deals. his 200 million prime subscribers which blows my mind. i'm a prime subscribers he is of know it works. last year's prime day, which is made up holiday as we all now, right, running 13 billion dollars largest day ever for amazon. now. 65% looking for bargains this year. and i have to buy a video camera for logging that i so it best buy's got black friday. some going to be doing a little shopping in the next 24 hours trying to figure out where the best deal it is. wal-mart at

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walmart deals. target has target day's best buy's black friday, amazon prime day. if you don't have to baby, do have to spend always try to get a discount in these kind of days are good. and for the record amount of paid influencer from walmart, yeah. yeah. that's fantastic. >> and then lastly, before we go, last time we talked, we chatted a bit about inside out to i was planning to see it. i did looks like that things topped a billion dollars now to see that. >> yeah. what's nice about that? it shows that families are actually leading the push back into theaters. i saw inside out want to make it seems out too families and we've got millions come out later this summer, millions for i think it 1, 2, 3, with kids. there's now 15 13 years old. so it's a little but we're still going to see it because their spot for years. >> i want to go see, come panda for didn't get a chance to a policy when it came when it goes screaming, i love the first ones. anyway, rob, thank

9:23 am

you, we're going to chat with rob. you're off the forthright on thursday because of the markets. yeah. okay. so we'll see rob tomorrow. get your questions and comments and we'll chat with and then and then will. see you next week. there you have a social media handles and his e-mail rob at rob black dot com.

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>> 9.25 in a tnt cannot cut off your landline service. it was just a ruling that says they cannot do that. so the company remains under the obligation to provide services in rural areas in places with. >> on reliable cell service. >> they area congresswoman anna eshoo reacts to the decision saying in a tnt. >> what a left people in rural areas without a landline to

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call 9-1-1, and the fight against this bill was worth it. new data morning shows the youngest children from the covid pandemic are now in school and struggling with the effects ef pediatrician at oregon health and science university says that babies toddlers, preschoolers, have developmental challenges. one kindergarten teacher says several of her students can barely speak and some are toilet trained. several others don't have the motor skills to hold a pencil. another teacher says her students can't control their emotions. they're hitting students, even hitting teachers. and they're pointing to the pandemic as the problem. >> well, new this morning, a federal appeals court will allow part of president biden's student debt payment plan to move forward. it lowers the amount the qualifying borrowers need to pay from 10 to just 5%. the ruling has temporary. so it's unclear if the financial terms could change in the future. the supreme court struck down

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the biden administration's original loan program earlier this year. all right. we're going to take a quick break. but when wa come back, more continuing coverage of the hot temperatures dangerously hot for some. going to secretly bay area today tomorrow rest of the week. we'll be right back. >> good morning, everyone. coming up about details live from downtown livermore. it's expected to be a hot one in expected to be a hot one in the you can't leave without cuddles. but, you also can't leave covered in hair. with bounce pet, you can cuddle and brush that hair off. bounce, it's the sheet.

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>> 9.29 right now, really. i mean, you couldn't wear a red tie or anything so far. all we we're getting close to the 4th

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4th. that will. right. he's holding these temperatures are going to be continuing. i don't know if will see him come down by the 4th. maybe a little bit. i know it's going to be enough to make a difference, john, know, just a little bit. but still a triple-digit day and it's going to be tough for sure. and fire danger is going to be high to i know i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but >> may be staying inside during the afternoon i just being as fire safe as possible. of course, checking out all those displaced during evening hours when it does cool down a little bit, at least today and tomorrow are are very hottest days. the days before the 4th, the golden gate bridge is no cloud in the sky. and temps are already on the rise. one and a half more hours. and we're officially under excessive heat warnings in pink and heat advisories in peach all the way through saturday night. so this is extended heat right here. and with how long this heat last comes, the risk to your health. so make sure that you're finding a cool spot to get, too, especially for a couple of hours this afternoon really helps out your body's internal temperature to just allow yourself to cool down for a bit, especially if you

9:31 am

don't have ac 60's at the coast right now, 70's to 80's elsewhere. vacaville, you've been at 94 only falling earlier this morning to 87 degrees. that's part of the battle. here is your evening. lows aren't even that cold in some areas. now later on today, antioch in concord, up to one 10 hayward, oakland, fremont well into the 90's. not fun at all. even for bayshore cities. let's get to the coast if you can. but i know a lot of us don't have that option. so just heading on over to the local market, movie theater will really help you with a c triple digits this afternoon already approaching that by noontime right now. i don't think great if you are going to be traveling out there. note traffic is getting better. 15 minute drive for everybody heading into the city right now. no accidents. >> 17 minutes. amatil bridge 80 to 1, o want everybody traveling across towards peninsula. nyman right along the richmond, sandra fell and the golden gate. 37, the tolls 20 minutes, all reasons back to you. all right. back to our team coverage of the heat. the


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excessive warnings come with a lot of dangerous to beware of. yeah. heat exhaustion, stroke. the national weather service says it could be life threatening for some. so it's important to stay protected. >> kron four's michael thomas is following that part of the story for us live in livermore. good morning, michael. >> hi, good morning. everyone of the heat is already starting to heat up your livermore. we're expecting those 3 digit temperatures and take a look downtown livermore already has the lizzie fountain up and running. take a listen to what people here have to say when it comes to preparing for the places like livermore, concord, saint rose and some of san jose may get into the triple digits today falling under an excessive heat warning from today until sunday. and livermore resident anne marie says it stays like this. she worries about her furry friends, just the warnings and then i'll take him out late like carrying to i think people should be very mindful of their hydration and make sure when they take their pups out that if they're out during the day, check the asphalt, make sure it's not too. >> hot for their little paws.

9:33 am

>> places like san francisco and oakland will have temperatures in the mid 90's today and are under heat advisory until tomorrow. so knowing the difference between a heat stroke and heat exhaustion is important and exhausting consists of dizziness, thirst, heavy sweating and nausea. and if you feel that way, should move to a cooler place and sip some water. well, heat stroke, consist of confusion, dizziness and losing consciousness. if this happens, you should call 9-1-1 immediately. people like annabel say that's when she starts her days early in the morning when it's this hot. >> try to get our morning started early. so we look early we took our dog out for a walk so she can get her walk in. we just leave house pretty much close shades, drawn everything and just try to get all of errands done early and then we get into the a c for the rest of the day. no matter the time or place, remembering those summer practices on hot days are always key ressing appropriately wearing sunscreen drinking lots of water staying inside and never leaving kids or pets in the car. >> back out here live. you can see that lizzie fountain in


9:34 am

downtown livermore already up and running. normally we will see kids playing in there at some point this afternoon. so if you're heading out today, just be prepared for that heat because it's pretty much already here from what i can feel standing care. that's a very latest in downtown livermore. michael thomas story and james, we'll send it back to you. but they always say it's a dry so it's not as bad as as a >> we'll tell ourselves thank you very much, michael. either way, you got to be careful by your pets because you don't believe in a car. obviously even on the pavement, they can be scary and really hurt them. the murray new main site is going to be on the lookout, making sure there are no pets in distress in the extreme heat. dog owners try to make sure that when you take the dog out, see, keep on the grass and if you have to be on pavement, make it really in morning or at night and always feel with your hand. the pavement fits to offer your hand is too hot for their cause. the remains is it says look for signs of heat stroke in your pet as well. >> sus it drooling. that's really red and gums. it could

9:35 am

be that they're having vomiting or diarrhea. >> and when it comes to leaving a pet in a car, if you see one, you're allowed to come to the rescue. california has a good samaritan law and it says that owners cannot sue

a person for having to break a window in an emergency situation. >> well, a north bay man now in custody after police say he kidnapped a woman and her child and held them hostage in his home. so the layup police say they responded to the man's home our court near interstate 80 yesterday. we have that indicated on the map. officers surrounded the property and eventually thankfully were able to convince him to surrender once they went inside. police say they found 2 loaded guns and the woman and the child. luckily, neither were hurt. happening right now. brent, what police are still looking for this person who you see on your screen, take a look. they say he stabbed a man last week. it happened just after 7

9:36 am

o'clock last tuesday on brentwood boulevard. police say the victim was taken to the hospital did survive. so that's some good news. officers released this picture of the suspect running from the scene there looking for him. if you have any information on who this person is or his whereabouts call greenwood police. that's 9.35 in the east bay. one person is dead killed in a shooting in oakland that happened yesterday around one in the morning on enterprise way. >> just off of 8.80, near the oakland airport when the police got there, they already found the man with the gunshot wound taken to hospital where he died. we don't have any info about a shooter. >> it depends on how how, how much is that damage and how deep is the damage itself? i've seen a situation that can be one week i can tuition is going to be longer. >> patel co credit union still trying to figure out what to do about this breach of security. they say their direct deposit online banking payments and electronic transfers have been affected because of this ransomware attack that happened saturday.

9:37 am

the dublin-based business was forced to shut down. it's day-to-day banking systems. san jose state cyber security expert banafa there explaining what happened and also saying e% that it's likely that a worker engaged with the phishing email and that is what allowed access to the systems this situation. now to the forefront. the company hasn't said exactly what was breached, just that they're working on it with a 3rd party to try to fix the problem. office says that whoever is behind this attack really picked the timing carefully. >> first of all, this talking about the weekend. it's the end of the month. a lot of deposit, a lot of payments. and also we are approaching the 4th of july. so a lot of people looking for some kind of payment coming to them so they can have this weekend approaching. so whoever planned that they planned it in a way where they can see the big impact, which is levering, better negotiation with with the you know, that

9:38 am

could get you into organization. so what are you supposed to do? well, he says that. >> you should keep a close eye on all of your transactions and look for potential scammers trying to, you know, use your account in this vulnerable state. and then also patel co says right now that credit union members can still access cash from the atm or from the branches that are open for regular business hours. >> with just weeks after retailers and law enforcement qualified a public safety ballot measure to address the fentanyl epidemic and retail theft. governor gavin newsom and some democratic leaders are now trying to qualify a competing measure. those who support the original ballot measure want to reform prop 47. they say that measure reduced penalties for certain nonviolent crimes like drug offenses and retail theft of less than $950, which directly led to the spike that we're seeing right now in retail theft across the state. they say their ballot measure will fix it.

9:39 am

>> the initiative that we're offering the homelessness, drug addiction and death reduction act really has a comprehensive, holistic solution and 900,000 people signed petitions to get on the ballot. so that tells you how popular it is. it's crystal clear that they're doing this to confuse the voters. >> well, governor and the democratic leaders behind this second measure disagree. they say the original measures too harsh and will lead to prison overcrowding. >> mass incarceration locking up in devastating black and brown communities. we need to be able voters with a choice and they're going to have a choice this coming november. >> the governor's proposal would be known as prop 2. it calls for a three-year jail sentence for anybody who's convicted of 3 theft-related crimes in a three-year period. it would also create a new felony if fentanyl is combined with other drugs and sold without the buyers knowledge, we'll see if this is approved, which one will win out in november.

9:40 am

>> 9.39. right now, another big story that we're following. klay thompson were following him because he's leaving the bay area, leaving the worriers. he's signing with the dallas mavericks. he was one half of the splash brothers as we know for years with steph curry and the 2 of them, >> lethal combo were it will use the words for 13 seasons and they led them to 4 championships. we get a chance to catch up with one fan outside the chase center who said it's bittersweet. >> it's like i'm happy for him. and i still want him to be a competitor. and i feel like maybe he got, you know, kind of like back bench that like while he was here. yeah, it's all i know is the worries team you know, our 3 big. so it's going to be so different to another uniform and it's going to take some adjusting for sure. >> and there's some of clay's great work over the years. the worries released a statement last night as saying in part, clay's legacy will live on forever. and we look forward to the day that we can retire his number 11 jersey at chase

9:41 am

center where he will join a host of warriors immortals. >> it's 9.40 right now and leave the fireworks to kron 4 or to a professional show. if you want to go, you don't want to let off fireworks in these conditions. so here's one santa clara is hosting a show at mission college. you go there. >> the parking is free or they said he should really carpool or use public transit because that will be the best way to go. >> and you can enjoy all of the fireworks, food and fun that they have their or just stay home. like i said and watch the fireworks from the comfort of your own living with kron four's special, which is thursday, july 4th at 09:00pm we'll show you fireworks from all around the bay. the best of the best san jose, san francisco moran. they'll all be in one spot for you. so don't miss our special. >> time now is 9.41. and still ahead on the kron, morning news, local celebrity step in asia. curry are teaming up with a local entertainment host to help make movies

9:42 am

oakland. a lot of all that coming up in a minute. plus, fast track customers are urged to be on high alert. why attorney general rob bonta says scammers getting to you through text messages. >> and we are looking at a day today. that brings with the 80's 90's to triple digits and not just 100 but one 10 in not just 100 but one 10 in concord in antioch, hey, flex. considering there's

9:43 am

a heatwave, it's kinda chilly in here. oh, that's because i'm pre-cooling the house with the ac before 4 pm. then i'll turn our thermostat to a comfortable 78 or higher that way i could stay cool later. ooh, what about me? you're never cool. oh.

9:44 am

>> 9.44, right now. and today it's a spare. the air alert in the bay area and the air management officials are saying that because we have these high temperatures inland and then in the afternoon with

9:45 am

the seabreeze will have the exhaust from the cars and everything. oprah creating smog. you'll be able to see it. you can see that kind of hazy looking it makes for beautiful sunsets, by the way. but, you know, it's not good, especially if you have breathing problems. you will notice maybe some throat irritation congestion could even have chest pain and if you are a compromise like asthma, for example, i've asthma arthritis, bronchitis. those are cut things where you're going to say me. >> maybe a want to exercise today. and if it gets really bad, you can get in air cleaner air-purifying kind of thing in your house. and that really goes a long way. plus the new ad, the small. and then if there's any fires the yeah. and that's all on top of the heat, which people are also trying to protect themselves from. and that's what john has been tracking in the weather center. john. yeah, absolutely. is the worst part of it. all that, hey, that spare the air alert doesn't help. you can see how hazy it is here. >> looking down from mount tam into the bay. and that is partly due to this high-pressure ridge that is also creating a block from

9:46 am

that cool coastal air coming through rescuers. as you can see, there is no evidence of cloud cover nor marine. they're pretty much anywhere and that high is resulting in circulation around it, pushing in a northerly very dry wind into the region that not only contributes to the heat but also observed fire danger. we're just over an hour away from excessive heat warnings in pink and heat advisories and peach for everyone except for the immediate coastline. those pink areas in particular, you will be subject to some dangerously hot temperatures later on today in excess of 100 degrees. so find yourself that cool spot to get to whatever works for you. if it has a c and you can show there for a little bit. ideally that just allows your body a chance to recover a little bit. this is an extended around of heats. you've got to allow yourself some breaks from it, especially if you are in a very hot household. a lot of us along the bay shore in inland. some of us don't even have that ac. so these heat advisories and warnings go all the way through saturday, 08:00pm. so you can see how long this lasts. as for red

9:47 am

flag warnings, upper elevations see that peak fire danger all across the bay area already under red flag warnings in this being 4th of july week. there's a lot of risk out there. so whatever you're doing for the holiday, make sure you're practicing fire safety and also just stay hydrated and try to spend time outdoors during the mornings and evenings avoiding peak temperatures during the afternoon. mid 70's in golden gate park and sunset districts. much better option. the downtown san francisco getting into the mid 80's on terror. you are the cool spot on the map today. hanging out in the upper 60's to low 70's. well, 90's to triple digits for the rest of us saying carlos at 100 today. also, they're saying who's a while, those gatos at 106, 108, in pleasanton and livermore 90 solidly up the east bay shoreline through oakland or richmond. well, danville, walnut creek conquered in antioch are very hot spots at one 10. and that is dangerously hot. pittsburgh fairfield vacaville seek out those cooling centers. you'll

9:48 am

be at 109 degrees. each tomorrow just as hot. if not even hotter. well, thursday, not much relief. at least we won't be nearing one 10, but we'll still be triple digits and wind and 90's by the bay shore. as you can see, that heat does not let up into the weekend. >> rain. all right, john, thank for that. make great time. especially long. 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, about 12 minutes traveling this morning. things are looking good, especially of bridges. 18 minute ride. everybody heading into the city right now. 17 minutes along san mateo bridge, 80 to 101, one of the south bay around. 39, we've got about 51 of the peak of the morning 2, 80 82 into 37. you're nice and light selanne down 2 to 37 about 33 minutes, 85, 80 both traveling through oakland. you're moving at the limit. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. right now it's 9.40, a and take a look at this. a truck. >> carrying propane tanks caught fire yesterday afternoon in morgan hill. in it shut down the southbound lanes of highway 101, near

9:49 am

cochran road for about an hour. my gosh. it was amazing. nobody was hurt, which is good. and now they're just trying to piece together exactly what happened. california attorney general rob bonta is issuing a consumer alert over a fast track texting scam. we first told you about this when customers started telling us they were getting is this scam said to them back in april where it looks like it's coming fast track and it express lane tolls are told chargers and you should make a payment online and they give you this link. fast track says that is never the case. they nevev request a payment with the text with a link to a website. this tax base told charge scam. this kind of thing is circulating and on the rise. so be alert. never click on a link that sent 2 like that in a text message. they could steal your personal information if you do that. and if you do get in on wanted text, you can actually 42 reported to 7, 7, 2, 6, >> well, lawmakers have agreed now to a 10 billion dollar

9:50 am

bond to pay for repairs and upgrades to thousands of k through 12 schools and community college buildings across the state. some of which have languished for years with dry rot mold leaks and other hazards because of lack of funds. so this agreement comes after months of wrangling with lawmakers and governor newsom who had to choose between 2 competing school facilities bills, one that included public universities and one that didn't. k through 12 schools would get. now with this agreement about 8 and a half billion and 1.5 billion would go to community colleges. >> time now is 9.50, and warriors star steph curry is hoping to boost oakland with the power of film. yeah, he and other celebrities are looking to make movies in the town. cropper's vicki liviakis explains. >> that said we're doing this thing with oakland in steph and i should always been committed to open. this thing is moving making tv personality and documentary producer wk mao bell believes oakland is fertile ground for it. the dream is that we sort

9:51 am

of do for oakland, what tyler perry and all that production did for the atlanta area that, you know, the biggest movie student, america's in atlanta because of tyler perry bell says the currys are putting their creative muscle behind his east bay film collective to stimulate entertainment production opportunities. the big part of this is also not just bringing hollywood here, but creating infrastructures. hear that young people and people who are not in the film industry can plug in say how can i become the next right cooler. we can help create a path for that that doesn't currently exist. ryan coogler, director of black panther and fruitvale station is a success story from the east bay that filmmakers hope to see if anything, it gives us the recognition that there are folks with. >> a ton of empower behind. then that see the benefit and see the and it shows that we are going to try anything. we're going to try anything to revitalize our city. >> we need to figure out how to disrupt this industry. and

9:52 am

luckily, oakland is a home of disruption so we will be fine. vicki liviakis kron, 4 news. >> 9.51, and a baseball glove. this one warned by the great willie mays is going to be auctioned off next week. goldin auctions of new jersey as this offering. and this is a glove that may's war towards the end of his career from 1970, to 72. the say, hey, kid hit more than 600 home runs during his 23 seasons in major league baseball. his look over the shoulder catch of that long drive in the 54 world series is considers baseball most celebrated defensive feet. willie mays, as you know, died 2 weeks ago at the age of 93 and the giants are hosting a celebration of life for him next monday at oracle. airbnb is cracking down on house parties ahead of july 4th. and as a result, you might be denied certain one

9:53 am

night or 2 night reservations. airbnb says that over the holidays like july 4th, they have cracked down in the past and they caught about 9,000 people who are booking homes in california. they say that you're not allowed to have a party and they say that. but some people still check that box. and, you know, they do it. so they do have other means of cracking down. another hansen clues. one of those is they don't have one day. usually no way around for one day on a big holiday. >> okay. it's 9.53. we're going to take a break. but coming up next hour on the kron, 4 morning news. a 5 year-old girl is attacked while attending a summer camp event in san francisco will explain what happened. 9.55.

9:54 am

9:55 am

9:56 am

is the time and a trip to lake tahoe might sound like a fun getaway for the 4th of july. it's historically, though, the busiest weekend of the entire summer for lake tahoe. it's completely full of the water, though, for the first time in 5 years, which means space is going to be smaller on the shores. got to think about that. the nonprofit group keep tahoe blue is asking visitors to do just that. keep it clean. >> take one thing away from this is just to leave tahoe better than you found it. that's it. so pick up after yourself. pick up after others. if see something out there, other things you can do. packer reusable, water bottle, we all have them reusable utensils and house, if you can. that will cut down on single-use plastic trash. it really tends to end up in the environment. and i'm also bring a trash bag with you. >> yeah. with less room on the beaches, it's going to be that much more crowded. the organization says last year several 1000 pounds of litter

9:57 am

was left on beaches. we did that strives to say we're not showing the video. it was bad. it looked like a trashy and >> all right. keep it clean. 9.56. right now. and coming up on the kron, 4 morning news. vice president kamala harris is in the bay area infections, probably arriving a moment. we'll tell you which is going to do. >> plus, we're tracking the heat and this heat wave. how long it's lasting is going to quite a grip on the bay area for several days. look at the high temperatures expected around the bay today. way around the bay today. way about 100.

9:58 am

♪♪ when you have moderate to severe eczema, it's okay to show off. with dupixent, show off your clearer skin and less itch. because you have plenty of reasons to show off your skin. with dupixent, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists and allergists, you can stay ahead of your eczema. it helps block a key source of inflammation inside the body that can cause eczema to help heal your skin from within. many adults saw 90% clearer skin, some even achieved long-lasting clearer skin and fast itch relief after first dose. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems

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such as eye pain or vision changes including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. show off to the world. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. >> right now on the kron, 4

10:00 am

morning news. the city of oakland is inching closer to a recall election for mayor sheng thao. a fire breaks out near grizzly peak in berkeley and firefighters think it was fireworks to blame. plus, the bay area's just one hour away from an excessive heat warning going into effect to team coverage. >> from the local news station, you're watching morning team. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on a hat tuesday. i'm daria and i'm james. yeah. hot will definitely get to that here in a minute. but also really covering the wildfire danger as well. as in the fire just a few fires break out and they think the culprits might be fireworks a mall last you know, we're not even at the 4th. at least where we are topping out. he just today and tomorrow, the hottest, but you don't get much relief after that. stay hot all the way through the weekend and not a good week for this

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