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news Late for Work: ESPN's Mike Greenberg Says Three Quarterbacks Have Better Chance of Winning First Super Bowl Before Lamar Jackson Feb 16, 2024
news Ranking the Ravens' 2024 Offseason Needs Feb 15, 2024
news Late for Work: Pundit Debates Whether Odell Beckham Jr. Will Be Back With Ravens Next Season Feb 15, 2024
news Ravens Are Living Proof of NFL's Born to Play Commercial Feb 14, 2024
news Mailbag: What Are the Plans at Wide Receiver? Feb 14, 2024
news Late for Work: Would Trading for Alvin Kamara Give Ravens Leg Up on Chiefs? Feb 14, 2024
news Mock Draft Roundup 1.0: First Look at Potential Ravens Draft Targets Feb 13, 2024
news Important NFL Offseason Dates to Know Feb 13, 2024
news Steelers Could Pursue Ryan Tannehill or Other Veteran Quarterbacks Feb 13, 2024
news Late for Work: Ray Lewis Says Ravens Can Use AFC Championship Loss As Motivation to Win Super Bowl Next Year Feb 13, 2024
news Cover Story: Zach Orr's Coaching Comeback Feb 12, 2024
news Late for Work: Chiefs' Chris Jones Says 'Ravens Were the Best Team in the League' Feb 12, 2024
news Five Reasons Why Ravens Will Be in Super Bowl Next Year Feb 11, 2024
news 50 Words or Less: Lamar Jackson Believes 'Sky's the Limit,' and He's Right Feb 10, 2024
news Lamar Jackson Wants the Naysayers to Keep Chirping Feb 09, 2024
news Late for Work: With Second MVP, Lamar Jackson 'Walked Into Immortality' Feb 09, 2024
news Lamar Jackson's Second MVP Puts Him in Historic Company Feb 08, 2024
news Lone Voter Who Didn't Make Lamar Jackson Unanimous MVP Explains His Choice Feb 08, 2024
news Joe Flacco Wins 2023 Comeback Player of the Year, Celebrates With Lamar Jackson Feb 08, 2024
news Late for Work: Lamar Jackson Can 'Still Do So Much More' Feb 08, 2024
news 5 Biggest Questions for Ravens Defense This Offseason Feb 07, 2024
news Mailbag: Ravens' Biggest Needs at the Start of 2024 Offseason Feb 07, 2024
news SociaLight: Ray Lewis Goes Undercover at the Pro Bowl Feb 07, 2024
news Late for Work: Lamar Jackson Is Overwhelming Choice for MVP in Survey of His Peers at Pro Bowl Feb 07, 2024
news Zach Orr Feels Confident Being a First-Time Play Caller Feb 06, 2024
news How Zach Orr Plans to Keep the Ravens Defense on Top Feb 06, 2024
news Zach Orr Turned Down Others to Stay in Baltimore Feb 06, 2024
news Late for Work: Justin Madubuike Says Baltimore Is 'Home,' But 'Business Is Business' Feb 06, 2024
news Steelers Owner: 'We've Had Enough' of Not Winning in Playoffs Feb 05, 2024
news Late for Work: Pundits Prioritize Key Free Agents Feb 05, 2024
news John Harbaugh Expects Defense to Remain Elite With Zach Orr Feb 04, 2024
news Anthony Weaver Named Dolphins' Defensive Coordinator Feb 03, 2024
news 50 Words or Less: Lamar Jackson's Next Step Feb 03, 2024
news Lamar Jackson Will Be Even More Involved in Offensive Setup Feb 02, 2024
news Ravens Envision a Bigger Role for Rashod Bateman Next Year Feb 02, 2024
news John Harbaugh Talks About Lack of Runs in AFC Championship Loss Feb 02, 2024
news Eric DeCosta on Futures of Patrick Queen, Justin Madubuike Feb 02, 2024
news 5 Things to Know About Zach Orr Feb 02, 2024
news Late for Work: Mike Macdonald Says Zach Orr Is Going to 'Knock It Out the Park' Feb 02, 2024
news Mark Andrews Stepped Up to Help During In-Flight Medical Emergency Feb 01, 2024
news Ravens Hire Zach Orr as New Defensive Coordinator Feb 01, 2024
news Ravens Feel They Always Have Chance With Lamar Jackson Feb 01, 2024
news Late for Work: Looking at Potential External Candidates for Next Defensive Coordinator Feb 01, 2024
news Mike Macdonald Leaves for Seahawks Jan 31, 2024
news Mailbag: Why Didn't the Ravens Run More Against the Chiefs? Jan 31, 2024
news Late for Work: What Ravens Can Do to Have Better Opportunity to Dethrone Chiefs Next Season Jan 31, 2024
news Ravens Eye View: What Happened to the Ravens Offense in AFC Championship Loss? Jan 30, 2024
news Five Questions for Ravens as Offseason Begins Jan 30, 2024
news Joe Hortiz Finalizes Deal to Become Chargers' General Manager Jan 30, 2024
news Patrick Queen, Other Ravens Talk About Pending Free Agency Jan 30, 2024
news Kevin Zeitler Is Finally Headed to His First Pro Bowl Jan 30, 2024
news Late for Work: Pundits Push Back on Renewed Negative Playoff Narrative About Lamar Jackson Jan 30, 2024
news Zay Flowers Says He Will 'Come Back Better' Jan 29, 2024
news With 23 Pending Unrestricted Free Agents, Ravens Know Turnover Could Be High Jan 29, 2024
news Ravens Sign 10 Players to Reserve/Future Deals Jan 29, 2024
news Odell Beckham Jr.: I Still Have More in the Tank Jan 29, 2024
news Ravens Have Pick No. 30 in 2024 NFL Draft; Projected Eight Picks Jan 29, 2024
news What the Chiefs Said After Beating Ravens in AFC Championship Jan 29, 2024
news Ravens' Division Rivals Making Moves at Offensive Coordinator Jan 29, 2024
news Late for Work: Pundits Dissect Ravens Loss in AFC Championship Game Jan 29, 2024
news The Breakdown: Brown's Five Thoughts on Ravens' Loss in AFC Championship Jan 28, 2024
news Lamar Jackson, Ravens Offense Reacts to Brutal Loss to Chiefs Jan 28, 2024
news Marlon Humphrey Active for AFC Championship; Key Defender Inactive for Chiefs Jan 28, 2024
news How to Watch, Listen, Live Stream Ravens vs. Chiefs Jan 28, 2024
news Everything You Need to Know: Ravens vs. Chiefs Jan 28, 2024
news Ravens Elevate Two Players From Practice Squad Jan 27, 2024
news Who Ravens Fans Should Root for in NFC Championship Jan 27, 2024
news 50 Words or Less: Are the Ravens a Team of Destiny? Jan 27, 2024
news Lamar Jackson Has Learned to Cope With Nerves Prior to Big Games Jan 26, 2024
news Ravens Are Near Full Strength Going Into AFC Championship Jan 26, 2024
news John Harbaugh: Still Evolving and Still Winning Jan 26, 2024
news Mark Andrews: 'I Can't Tell You How Excited I Am' to Be Back Jan 26, 2024
news The Story Behind Mark Andrews' Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Jan 26, 2024
news Final Picks for Ravens-Chiefs AFC Championship Jan 26, 2024
news Late for Work: Predictions for Ravens-Chiefs AFC Championship Jan 26, 2024
news Marlon Humphrey: 'Super Excited to Hopefully Get Out There' Jan 25, 2024
Ravens News | Baltimore Ravens – baltimoreravens.com (2024)


Who is number 14 on Baltimore Ravens? ›

Kyle Hamilton (born March 16, 2001) is an American football safety for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL).

What football team is in Baltimore Maryland? ›

The Baltimore Ravens are a professional American football team based in Baltimore. The Ravens compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member of the American Football Conference (AFC) North division.

Where are the Ravens football team from? ›

After a 12-season absence, pro football returned to Baltimore, Md. in 1996 in the form of the new Baltimore Ravens.

What were the Baltimore Ravens originally called? ›

On November 6, 1995, Modell announced his intention to move the team to Baltimore, citing the inadequacy of Cleveland Stadium and the lack of a sufficient replacement along with his heavy debt. Initially, the team was to be known as the "Baltimore Browns."

How big do Ravens get? ›

Ravens have large, stout bills, shaggy throat feathers, and wedge-shaped tails, visible best when in flight. Common ravens are large passerine (or perching) birds that average 63 centimeters (25 inches) in length and 1.2 kilograms (2.6 pounds) in weight.

Who is number 0 on the Ravens? ›

When Baltimore Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith swapped his jersey number to No. 0 this offseason, some fans with his No. 18 jersey might have been a little disappointed.

Who is the quarterback for the Ravens today? ›

Lamar Jackson - Baltimore Ravens Quarterback - ESPN.

Who is number 77 on the Ravens? ›

Daniel Faalele - Baltimore Ravens Offensive Tackle - ESPN.

What is special about Baltimore? ›

Baltimore is home to the USS Constellation, the last Civil War vessel afloat. Built in 1854, the Constellation is the last all-sail warship built by the US Navy. Baltimore's Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the first cathedral in the United States.

Which states have 3 NFL teams? ›

Which state has the most NFL teams? Currently, California, Florida, and New York are tied for the most NFL teams, with three each.

What sports is Baltimore known for? ›

Home to the NFL's Baltimore Ravens and the MLB's Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore has a lot of team spirit.

Where do Ravens players live? ›

Have you heard of the "Castle"? If you have, then you must be a Ravens fan! Owings Mills is home of the Baltimore Ravens' Under Armour "castle", i.e., the training facility and headquarters for the team. Since the Ravens spend so much time practicing in Owings Mills, most of the players choose to live in the area.

Why do the Ravens have 3 mascots? ›

The three not only commemorated the famous Baltimore poet but also represented three completely different personalities and their stereotypical relation to certain types of NFL players. According to the back story, Edgar was the first to hatch.

What is the Baltimore Ravens motto? ›

The inspiration for their mascot and the iconic refrain “nevermore” from Poe's poem “The Raven” has become the team's enduring motto. The team's name was chosen after a fan contest in which 30000 people voted for it. Follow Chiefs - Ravens live online: AFC Championship game today score & stats | NFL Playoffs.

Where is the home of the Baltimore Ravens? ›

Image of Where is the home of the Baltimore Ravens?
M&T Bank Stadium is a multi-purpose football stadium located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is the home of the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. The stadium is immediately adjacent to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the home of the Baltimore Orioles.

Did John Harbaugh play football? ›

John Harbaugh graduated from Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, during which time his father Jack was an assistant under Bo Schembechler at the nearby University of Michigan. Harbaugh attended college and played varsity football as a defensive back at Miami University, where he graduated in 1984.

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