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La Bodeguilla is a sophisticated establishment in La Lonja, Palma, offering a refined setting for grilled seafood and meat dishes. The restaurant, housed in a former bakery, features three distinct dining areas: the romantic Red Room, the elegant Cristal Room adorned with chandeliers, and a welcoming main room. With an interesting mix of local and international clientele, La Bodeguilla serves up creative Mediterranean cuisine alongside some of the city's finest tapas.

We had a great dinner at La Bodeguilla. The decor, attention to detail by the staff and the food were all great. Shrimps from Soller with mushrooms and egg will be remembered for a very long time. The sole fish was cooked to perfection on the grill and had a very good texture.

Heymi B — Google review

We had an amazing time at La Bodeguilla.Both my wife and I have been at La Bodeguilla before but not together. This time during our honeymoon we had one of the best times in an restaurant ever. The whole staff was on point and our waiter was amazing which made the night even better. The food is incredible and we will keep coming back. Of course its a higher priced restaurant but definitely worth it!

S. E — Google review

I have to say that this was a really great place to eat. Tapas and Steak are top notch. High quality service and food is very delicious. High recommendation!

Benni — Google review

To be honest, I don’t know why rating is so high, because our experience wasn’t as great.We wanted to take several starters and main dishes, but the waitress suggested it would be too much food. So we took 4 starters for 2 of us. And it was a good amount indeed.They were bringing one dish at a time, while I’d prefer they’d just bring it all together (it’s all starters after all) and we avoid waiting for another dish and interruptions to our time/conversation.I love burrata, and here it was nice, but I do not agree with the serving, as for me fresh and delicate burrata goes better with fresh vegetables. But maybe it’s just a matter of taste.The croquettes were too salty.The canelón was fine. And to my taste the best dish out of all was Pluma ibérica.The service was okay. We wanted to leave 5% tip (we were paying by card). The waitress made it look like she has a problem counting, added 10% and asked if the final sum is okay to us. Well… we agreed, but I think it’s not really okay. If the service was nice and fun and she would do it in a friendly/funny way, we would not mind. But what we experience wasn’t that.I do not think we will come back or recommend this place.It wasn’t horrible, but for the same money you can get better food and service in Palma.

Iryna U — Google review

Excellent place, really great food (brioshka for dessert was the best sweet treat for ages). Tapas are rather large so taking too many does not make sense, and they’re very tasty. Tuna tartar, asparagus and bread with tomato were very good, if not great.Very competent service and the interior is very cozy and has this ‘something’.I avoid alcohol recently so cannot comment the choice of wines but the selection is there.We enjoyed our time tonight!

Maciek M — Google review

A great surprise, extended wine list with a reasonable pricing. Service attentive and not intrusive I will return to taste some more of the food selection. Great job guys!!

Giorgio C — Google review

Make sure you have reservations before you go there! We been there twice in our Mallorca trip! Highly recommended for the vinegar if you love sweet and sticky taste. The vinegar is the highlight for our dinner. The balance for the taste is so good if you enjoy taste sweet and sour. The burrata tapas tasted like Bonito or dashi, it’s kind of Japanese soup taste, really interesting seasoning. Also the grilled pork and octopus are the chef’s kiss, best grilled pork and octopus in tapas ever have. Even better than the tapas in Barcelona 😂.Overall 10/10, especially the vinegar and the pork. The staffs also really nice, thank you so much for your help us to book the table.超级好吃,必点烤猪肉,章鱼和沙拉,姐妹们快冲!

EN L — Google review

Our dinner was so good, we went back the day after for lunch and were equally blown away … the delicious dishes is matched by the impeccable service. A must visit in Palma.The Macan 2018 Rjoca is the perfect pairing to anything on the menu

Terence N — Google review

We came as it was highly recommended and with great reviews. The staff was super friendly, attentive, and helpful. The menu, although small, does have enough variety to please most. There were some delicious bits, but I was less than impressed with the flavor and portion size (I get it, it's meant to be a fine restaurant but for these price and size I would expect to be amazed by either presentation or taste which I unfortunately wasnt) the setting is very cozy and the clientele matches the prices so it's a very quiet and elegant restaurant. I would be better served by some of the other options around, however.

Martin P — Google review

Superior food and nice set up with several individual table groups for bigger parties. Fine dining tapas. Great wines and visually beautiful portions.

Juuso I — Google review

One of the better restaurants in Palma. Appetizers: tuna tartare was tender and tomato sauce was great. Octopus was tough and we sent it back. Fish is nice but plenty of garlic, which was overcooked and thus taste bitter. Steak was very flavorful but tough at medium. We like the tiramisu and rum baba that accompanied w pistachio and chocolate ice cream, but couldn’t taste the rum.

Desmond S — Google review

Love this restaurant!!!! I stumbled in for a late lunch coming off 24 hours of travel. I’m vegetarian and they have such beautiful options. Highly recommend dining here it is AMAZING! The patatas bravas, asparagus, and burrata with eggplant and tomato are so delicious! I found the atmosphere to be sophisticated without being stuffy. That actually comes across in the food as well. The flavor profiles are complex, but the food isn’t overdone. The dinning room is very comfortable and cozy, while still being elegant. I was wanting regional Mallorca food and feel like I got it! The service was top of their game.

Rachel P — Google review

This restaurant was so good! We ate here twice in the week we spend our vacation in PALMA! Absolutely amazing check the pictures

Hong T — Google review

The sucking pig is a must try!!! Everything is yummy, the octopus, the mascarpone dessert! The service is not that warm and the No aircon so not so comfy sitting there for long time but given the quality of food and the price( super reasonable) I would defi recommend!! Good experience!

Emma M — Google review

Quick review of this restaurant. The food is okay if slightly overpriced. However the service is unbelievably bad. We were walk in customers at around 6.30pm and were immediately told they needed the table back at 9.30pm. Which to be honest seemed reasonable. However for the entirety of the meal we were hurried and given snide service by one of the waiting staff. He continued to check when we would be finished even if we clearly hadn’t finished our food. Finally towards the end of the meal he huffed loudly next to our table and cleared our plates without asking if we were finished.Would say the food is around a 4/5 but the service is 1/5. Go Camino instead!

Jacob W — Google review

Overall, I would say that the staff was very friendly and helpful, especially when reserving a table. In addition, the atmosphere is very nice.As you can see on the pictures, the decoration, our presentation of the food was successfully done. Aesthetically pleasing…

Ezgi Y — Google review

Disappointed! Too expensive cost for very disappointed food.After a week of tasting various good food in quite many restaurants in Mallorca, we had an expectation on this restaurant as it’s a Michelin recommendation.However, it is way far from the expectation.This whole experience doesn’t worth the price.For same dishes, many other good restaurants charge only half or even less.The Lobster Stew is way too expensive. I think if you go there for dating or casual business, you should avoid it. You will need to use provided tools as well as your hand. The soup may land anywhere on your shirt.

Ziyao Z — Google review

This was quite simply the best and best value meal we’ve had on Mallorca. I found this in the Guide Michelin app (free - great resource). They don’t have a star but it came highly recommended and the reviews on Google and TripAdvisor also checked out.We booked for 19:30 on the day and it was quite full and got fuller - I’d recommend reserving.They have an extensive tapas menu u and as always it’s hard to know how much to order. As my wife wasn’t super hungry we opted to share a tapas as a starter and go with two mains. She has a lactose problem which we noted on the reservation and which our server proactively asked about.We started with the partridge and carrot salad. One of the reasons is I like to try dishes that appeal to me that I’ve not seen elsewhere and that was certainly the case here. The partridge was cooked to perfection, the dressing was amazing and the highlight were little “molecules” of vinegar that burst when you ate them, combining really well with the dressing.For the mains I went for the lamb shoulder - I love lamb and we don’t often find it in Germany outside of spring. The first thing that struck me was the size - the shoulder bone was about 6cm across meaning this was definitely a young animal and that was apparent in the taste of the meat. An older lamb can be a bit “sheepy” but this tasted anything but.My wife had the beef cheeks which were equally well cooked. The highlight were the potatoes - waxy, thinly sliced, layered with the occasional onion, and melt in your mouth. They really complimented the dishes we had and meant that we didn’t need a lot of sauce.For dessert I had the lemon meringue cake with a sorbet that was one of the best desserts I’ve had in a while. The base was crumbly, light and crispy, the meringues were cooked to perfection and the lemon curd was just the right balance between sweet and citrus.For drinks we had a bottle of San Perrigrino, a cava, glass of red, glass of rose, and I had a sweet sherry to finish off the meal. Total came to €140 including tip.I would thoroughly recommend La Bodeguilla to anyone visiting Palma or even the island.Thanks to the team for a lovely evening!

Jim S — Google review

This was the best restaurant we happened upon in Palma! We wanted iberico pork steak and we found it here! The meat was incredibly tender, the octopus was delicious and the desserts were chef’s kiss! Really enjoyed ourselves here and the service was amazing as well!

Janelle C — Google review

The ambience of the restaurant is amazing. Love the decor made out of all the wine bottles and a classic tapas bar corner right in-front of the kitchen with Jamon hanging from the ceiling and dried peppers and garlic. When we arrived we were seated at a table upstairs which I must say does not have the same ambiance as the downstairs area. It felt more formal and stuck up. However when we asked if we could get a table downstairs this was not a problem at all and we enjoyed a great dinner. Staff was very friendly and the food taste amazing.Definitely recommend this restaurant.

Thijs — Google review

Just coming back from the second dinner in a row. On the first night we got the pan con tomate, the tuna tartar and the rice with scallops, red shrimps and squid: the latter was similar to a paella, with such tender seafood with a perfect touch of saffron. The tartar was spectacular: with a zesty but balanced marinade and A grade tuna.The dessert we had, was a lemon pie that was just amazing.We didn't have enough of it, so even if we personally like to try different restaurants, when travelling, this fear of missing out on other places didn't stop us from booking a table also for the next day.Today we left so happy: my husband and I shared 4 tapas, of which (again) a tuna tartar, the char grilled asparagus (good combination with the sauces), the roast octopus (so tender and absolutely not chewy), and the Iberian grilled pork shoulder (was melting in my mouth).There's nothing that needed more or less salt, marinade or others, everything was just perfect the way it was.We'd also recommend the brioche, as a dessert.. a true comfort dessert.Going to the service, we've found such a welcoming and professional staff. Also, a big thank you to the lady (probably the manager) who treated us so nicely.The restaurant itself has many rooms.. of which the best ones might be on the first floor, but anyways, also the top one has a good and intimate atmosphere.Good value for money.. if you eat like we do, expect to pay between €50 and €70 per person, which, in our opinion, was absolutely worth it.Thank you for two wonderful nights.

Martina R — Google review

The ambience and desserts were spectacular. All dishes were balanced, though the bread could’ve been more fresh.

Alex M — Google review

A very special address in the heart of Palma. The dishes are very fine, the staff very attentive and always friendly! A top restaurant and highly recommended!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

EMMA ( — Google review

Carrer de Sant Jaume, 3, Distrito Centro, 07012 Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain 971 71 82 74La Bodeguilla reservations

The 34 best pubs in Palma de Mallorca (2024)
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