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The Witcher 3: Wild Gone - Complete Edition is a special edition of the action RPG game titled The Witcher 3: Wild Gone. The production is the fruit of the work of the authors of the original - the Polish studio CD Projekt RED. The set includes the basic version of the game and all additional content released after its release, as well as two major story expansions, namely Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.

Next-gen update

On November 23, 2022, developers at CD Projekt RED studio unveiled selected new features for the next-gen update of The Witcher 3, scheduled for December 14 of the same year. The complete edition of the game (including the base version, all DLC and story add-ons) was developed primarily with next-gen consoles in mind, although the PC version also received several improvements.

Thanks to the update, textures and character models are now more detailed and available in 4K resolution (while maintaining 60 FPS). Support for ray tracing technology has also been introduced, providing more realistic lighting and ambient occlusion. In addition, the update introduces, among other things, a photo mode, an improved map, a quick character casting system and an alternative camera from above Geralt's back. There was also a new story quest inspired by the Netflix series The Witcher - In the Eternal Fire's Shadow. The title introduces new equipment, as well as an alternate appearance for at least Jaskr.

Thanks to the cross-save option (cloud saves and the ability to transfer game states between platforms), players can test all the changes without having to start a new game. In addition, owners of the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions can download the update for free.


The Witcher 3: Wild Gon - Complete Edition takes players to the fantastic universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski for the Witcher book saga. The main protagonist of the game is Geralt of Rivia, known from the earlier installments of the series, and the story told in the game focuses on the invasion of the Nilfgaard Empire into the Kingdoms of the North, stopping the titular Wild Gon, who haunted Geralt in the novels and marked his presence in the first and second series, as well as the search for Ciri, who is the Witcher's foster daughter, and Yennefer, his beloved. It is worth remembering that the game's plot is non-linear, and its course and ending are determined by the decisions we make in the course of the game.

The story is significantly expanded by two plot additions. In the first, Hearts of Stone, Geralt is hired by the Lord of Mirrors to confront the immortal Olgierd von Everec. The second add-on, Blood and Wine, takes players to the land of Toussaint, which is one of the few that hasn't experienced the conflagration of war. When a mysterious murderer, apparently not human, started prowling here, duch*ess Anna Henrietta decided to ask for help from White Wolf, who in the course of the investigation learns the dark secrets of this only seemingly idyllic place.


In The Witcher 3: Wild Gon - Complete Edition the action is observed from a third-person perspective (TPP). The production puts at our disposal a vast world divided into several large maps, which we can freely roam. Among them we'll find such places as the picturesque land of Velen, the fortress of Kaer Morhen, which is the headquarters of the Witchers from the School of the Wolf, the islands of Skellige and finally the land of Toussaint from the Blood and Wine add-on. We can move around them on foot, on horseback (Geralt's faithful steed - Fawn - can be summoned by whistling at any time) and aboard a boat.

The driving force of the game is the quests that push the plot forward, during which we investigate, hunt monsters, and get embroiled in political games. In addition, countless side missions and optional activities like destroying monster nests await checking. Interestingly, the virtual world is dynamic to some extent, and our actions can, for example, make an abandoned village populate when Geralt exterminates bandits or monsters residing nearby.

An important role is played by clashes with opponents, during which we must carefully observe the movements of adversaries, perform evasions and launch quick counterattacks. In the course of them we use primarily white weapons (Geralt's iconic swords - one for humans and the other for monsters) and the so-called Signs reminiscent of spells. Both humans (and representatives of other intelligent races) and all sorts of monsters stand in our way. Often defeating the latter requires the hero to increase his knowledge of them, mainly to learn their weaknesses. Some of them leave behind unique ingredients for alchemy (Geralt can prepare and drink potions that provide him with certain buffs) and for creating new items or improving the ones he already has. Besides, as we progress, we gain experience points and advance to the next levels, gradually increasing the White Wolf's combat potential.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition free Download - » Page 2 (2024)
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